Janna Banks

Q & A

Years in real estate - 2 years in Louisville, Kentucky.

Awards / Accomplishments-
Elite status, realtor of the Month.
Career Volume 5 million+
Last year’s total volume 3.5 million
Received my license in Texas and currently working on Indiana.

Q: How early did you know that you wanted to be a real estate agent? 

A: I never knew that I wanted to be a real estate agent. I did not know that I had any type of entrepreneurial spirit. I decided to get my real estate license my senior year of college. While in college, I was on track to become a Physician’s Assistant, and I knew that I could not work a full-time job while in the program in order to make ends meet.  I decided to get my real estate license to have income while in the program. 

Q: What college did you attend?
A: The ‘Unsinkable’ Albany State University in Albany, Georgia.

Q: What has contributed to your quick success? 

A: When I first entered real estate, my Dad told me “do what is right by people so you can sleep at night.” Every day that I wake up, I remember that quote. I believe in treating people the way I want to be treated. I have had so much success by being authentically myself and providing value. People generally love when someone provides value and luckily my value and knowledge is 100% free. 

Q: How do you define success? 

A: It took me a while to truly understand this question. I rushed my life so much to get nowhere until I got into real estate.  Your success is not defined by money or how fast you can beat the next person to the punch. Success is truly about living your purpose in life every single day. For me, I always knew I had a passion for helping people, and I thought I was supposed to be helping people in the medical field, but it was real estate. I figured out very quickly that in real estate, you make very good money, but ultimate success comes from creating ever-lasting relationships whether they do business with you or not. 

Q: What about your family life today? 

A: I do not have any children of my own. I am an Aunt to 8 nieces and nephews. I am also a dog mom. She is my sweet girl who was rescued in the summer of 2017, which is why I named her Summer. I do enjoy spending my time with my family and friends.

Q: What makes your business different from others? 

A: I am someone who understands that everyone is human. I get people all the time who come to me in different stages of their life, good or bad credit. My motto is “no clients left behind.”  I always tell every buyer during their initial consultation that buying a house is not a race; instead, it is a marathon, and if they are not approved within 24 hours, it does not mean they will not qualify in 24 months. I also create blueprints for each client, and I hold them accountable because it takes teamwork. 

Q: What advice would you give to those considering real estate? 

A: If you are considering real estate, just know that it is not easy; you also do not have to recreate the wheel. If you are kind and hardworking, you will be successful. In this industry, it takes patience and perseverance. I would also recommend that you find a mentor who cares about you and your success.