Rising Star

Simi Rush — Making it big in San Diego!

Rising Star: Simi Rush (Please make this bigger and bold) Photos by: Mike and Jenn Productions

When did you start your career in real estate?
I began my real estate career in 2017 in Rhode Island and have been in California 18 months. We were stationed there, and I changed careers when our 1-year-old daughter finished chemotherapy. I felt a career with more opportunity would be a good change during that pivotal point in our lives.
What awards have you achieved as a REALTOR®? Last year, I received the REAL award for top 10% production from PSAR.
What did you do before you became a REALTOR®?
I worked on the fundraising and development leadership team for a military-based nonprofit organization. I earned my master’s degree from the USD in nonprofit leadership and management. Prior to this, I worked on the management side of a charter school organization in San Diego.
What has been the most rewarding part of your business?
It has to be helping families buy and sell homes. The servant leadership in me always wants to make my clients feel empowered and feel like the strategies we employ are considered a “WIN” for them! As a military spouse, I love serving those who serve and have assisted countless military families to secure housing from coast to coast!
What has been your biggest challenge as a REALTOR®?
Navigating getting licensed in a new state in the eye of the COVID-19 storm. California did not offer reciprocity from Rhode Island, and although I had completed the coursework, I had not submitted my license application package. I learned through some research, active duty military spouses and veterans who are licensed with a valid license in another state are allowed to get priority for their application! This was a huge blessing, and I was able to get my license, join a brokerage and hit the ground running during one of the most unprecedented times in real estate across the nation!
How does real estate fit into your dreams and goals?
Perhaps it was Mark Twain who said this: “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” For me, every day holds a new opportunity, gift or challenge, whether it’s looking at cool properties, networking with colleagues, leveraging things I gain through business coaching, learning about some new addendum to the arsenal of California sales documents, doing a reel or post for social media, connecting with a family who I can serve; it all fits well with my goal to serve others!
What’s your favorite part of being a REALTOR®?
Ultimately, the ladder you climb is the one you build. Sky's the limit as far as opportunities are concerned. I love surrounding myself with like-minded REALTORS® who are willing to share great ideas and foster a sense of community and connection. I love reaching out and celebrating success on any side of the transaction!
Define success.
Success, to me, is about self-awareness; the more aware of how I can grow as a person, the more fully I am able to give to others and help them. To continuously find success, I believe in the power of adapting and educating myself.
Tell us about your family.
Real estate has inadvertently been a part of the family legacy. When my parents were relocated to the San Fernando Valley, my sister and I helped run credit, put together leases and ultimately successfully build wealth through real estate. My sister dove into the business 20 years ago in Chicago, and watching her led me to follow her lead and join in!
My husband of 17 years is my strongest supporter. We are an active duty Navy family and are a part of the Surface Warfare Navy Community. My husband has honorably served on active duty for over 20 years and recently completed a successful Navy tour as commanding officer aboard a Littoral Combat Ship, USS Manchester.
We have two school-aged children, Audrey, age 7, and Ronin, age 12. We have been fortunate enough to have been stationed in San Diego for most of our tours, with the other longest stint on Aquidneck Island, in Rhode Island.
We have lived in many different neighborhoods and areas in America’s finest city! We currently reside in Coronado.
Are there any charities or organizations you support?
I am passionate about helping organizations that fund causes for pediatric cancer and military family-focused organizations. These include Hasbro’s Tomorrow Fund Clinic (where our daughter received treatment), Rady’s Children’s Hospital, St. Jude’s, Kids & Art Foundation and United Through Reading. We also enjoy supporting our alma maters!
What are your hobbies and interests outside of the business?
I love attending live concerts, traveling to new places, trying new restaurants and enjoying the beautiful nature while hiking Torrey Pines (my favorite hiking spot)!