Angel Ramirez of Century 21 Award

Championing Homeownership One Family at at Time

Angel Ramirez of Century 21 Award knows the drill when it comes to home buying. She understands and communicates how significant it is to have equity in real estate at a young age. She deals with many types of clients, but often she helps military personnel who are, unfortunately, not able to remain in Southern California for long due to their assignment.
Surrounded by multiple family members who have served in the military and having been a military wife herself, Angel has first-hand knowledge of the challenges of military life present regarding homeownership. Her husband began his service with the U.S. Navy in the early ‘90s, moving the family from the Bay Area to San Diego. Their daughter and son-in-law have continued the tradition of military service by serving in the U.S. Coast Guard.  
Angel herself is a veteran of a different kind, building successful businesses. Prior to being a REALTOR®, Angel owned and operated her own franchise business, but illness led her to sell it. Real estate gave her the flexibility she needed with her busy family and where she has seen her greatest rewards. “I can’t begin to tell you how rewarding it is to help military personnel get into homeownership, especially in an area as amazing as San Diego!”
It's important to Angel to create opportunities for her clients, whether they are military personnel or first-time homebuyers or expanding real estate portfolio. Her understanding of where there are opportunities for them and how to utilize them continues to impact the lives of military personnel that often come and go from the San Diego area. “Educating my clients drives me,” says Ramirez.

Her ability to help so many clients through the entire process is another result of her personal background. “I sold cars when I was 18. After that, I worked in banking as a personal banker, where I managed our clients’ accounts and finances. As a homeowner at an early age, I was able to put that together and gain an understanding of long-term financial gain. It all fell into place when I obtained my real estate license back in 2015.”
Fortunately for Angel and her husband, they were able to remain in the San Diego area long term. Her interest in real estate and the strong military presence in Southern California allowed her to share her success with others currently serving. “When service members receive orders to San Diego (or PCS), I am fortunate to have the opportunity to help families purchase a home, even if it’s remotely. And I have experienced showing families their new home for the very first time at the close of escrow.”

Outside of her focus on military and first-time buyers, Angel is driven by educating Hispanic families and making a difference in her profession. That is why a few years ago, Angel jumped into National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) with both feet, becoming a member and quickly joining the board. Currently, she is serving as the 2022 president of the NAHREP San Diego Chapter, allowing her to share her findings, experience and success with others in the industry.

Angel understands the opportunities available to Hispanic first-time homebuyers and is eager to educate them. “Unfortunately, many Hispanics are not aware of the first-time homebuyer programs, and the percentage of Hispanic homeowners remains far too low in comparison.” Angel wants to help change that.  
Meanwhile, at her Chula Vista office of Century 21 Award, the two newest members of her agency team each bring their own personal military experience to their efforts as well. Angel and team members Brittney and Amina all leverage their military backgrounds and experience toward their mission of helping to gain wealth through homeownership.
Their goal is to help families achieve the American dream of sustainable homeownership that empowers them for generations to come. Angel says, “It’s a huge driver for me to help families grow their real estate portfolio!”

A very busy lady, when she does take some time for fun, Angel says she loves to play San Diego tourist with her family. They love to find new places to explore right in town. She also enjoys spending time with the families she has come to know from years of sports travel teams that have now become an extension of her family.