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Providing a Full Picture of Properties

The transparency and guidance you provide to your clients and their families is absolutely essential as you help them move closer to making their dreams of homeownership possible.
That’s why it is so important to have someone you can partner with who shares that same open manner of serving your clients.
That’s exactly what you experience when you work with Beau Crum and Crum Home Inspections.
“I love letting people know what they are about to purchase. I’m very detailed in the inspection work that I carry out. The REALTORS® who use me a lot know that I am there for the client,” Beau emphasizes.
“As part of that, I try not to overstate issues or derail a sale. I approach everything from the perspective that everything can be repairable. I try to keep the agent and buyer in the game so that everyone is happy.”
Making a Difference Through Time
Prior to beginning Crum Home Inspections, Beau had enjoyed extensive success in another career field. In fact, he spent 27 years in law enforcement, working with U.S. Customs.
“My mentor from law enforcement retired and became a home inspector in Texas. He told me he loved the work, and it was as close as he wanted to get to law enforcement after retirement,” he says.
“I bought a house in 2017 and I had it inspected. I really enjoyed seeing what our inspector at the time go through the process, and I thought this is what I wanted to do.”
An Amazing Journey
So Crum Home Inspections was born in 2018. As Beau says with a warm smile, his work in the industry has been an amazing journey.
“I have really enjoyed working with the people, including hundreds of REALTORS® and their clients,” he points out.
“In the process, I’m a one-man show. I’m a veteran-owned business. I serve lots of veterans and law enforcement. I’ve been doing this long enough that now I’m starting to conduct inspections for their kids as well as for their  properties. The word-of-mouth referrals that I have received have meant a lot to me.”
Watching Out for Your Best Interests
On the road to helping his partners and clients, Beau enjoys giving them advice that can save them time and money in the long-run, including giving them a heads-up on certain elements to watch out for.
“One example of that is DURA-PEX plumbing,” Beau says. “The material is prone to leaks and issues for homeowners.”
One of Beau’s favorite items to use during his inspections is his drone.
“That’s my biggest tool. I have FAA certification to fly drones. It does a fantastic job,” he says.
“I have discovered more problems with a drone than I have anything else. I can see things that you don’t see during a regular inspection.”
Family Highlights
Away from work, Beau treasures time with his family, including his wife of 20 years, their three children and two grandchildren.
In their free time, Beau and his family have a passion for fishing, hunting, spending time at the beach and traveling. One of their favorite pursuits is spending time together with family.
At the end of the day, success is built by doing the right things consistently through time. Beau Crum is a prime example of that truth. Those who work with him understand that he will always be fully forthright with his findings and opinions. And clearly, that’s the type advice you can take to the bank.
“I’m as honest as the day is long. I’m going to shoot straight and not sugarcoat anything. I will tell you if something is bad,” Beau says.
“I’m very compassionate and can read people very well. When I’m talking with a client, I support their realtors in the process. You want them to have a good experience when they are buying a house.”
Long-Term Resource
The inspection process is not a one-and-done proposition for Beau either. In fact, in many cases, it’s just the start of a bond that he builds with REALTORS® and their clients.
As he says, “I’m here for them beyond that day. I don’t mind answering questions after the fact, too and helping them find people to help them take care of certain issues that may arise through time.”
When you’re looking for a partner who will provide a full picture of a property, including deal-saving solutions, look to Beau Crum and Crum Home Inspections.
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