Ginny Stopa

Genuine Leadership

You can tell when you see a true leader in their field … someone who is dedicated to continually
learning, growing, and serving those around them with the best of intentions … someone like
Ginny Stopa.
As Broker/Owner of NextHome Gulf Coast Living, Ginny demonstrates a high level of genuine
leadership through her interactions with her team, her clients, and her community every day.
Early Steps in Life
Prior to beginning her adventure in real estate, Ginny managed a daycare at Gold’s Gym in
Mobile. She also worked for parts houses and clerical work. Eventually, her mother’s path
influenced her as well.
“My mother had started in real estate about three years before I did. She was doing sales and
then she got into property management with Irvine & Company doing commercial, rentals, and
residential work,” Ginny says. “I worked with her doing property management. In time, she
bought the property management side of the company.”
Making an Impact
Ginny earned her license in 1994. In those days before the Internet and social media, she
remembers posting rental notices on a message board.
“At the time there were just a handful of companies that did property management,” Ginny says.
“In 2001, my husband, Clayton, and I bought the company from my parents. Today, Clayton runs
that company — Alabama Coastal Rentals.”
Pulling Together
Today, Ginny leads the NextHome Gulf Coast Living brokerage that includes a talented team of
professionals, including seven licensed agents and a Closing Coordinator. She and Amy Slade
form one team within the brokerage.
“I was with RE/MAX for over 20 years - Amy was with RE/MAX for over 8 years,” she points out.
“We have been together with NextHome for a year and a half.”
Ginny and Amy do around 100 transactions a year and recently earned a top-level production
award from NextHome.
Fully Invested in Their Needs
When you talk with Ginny, it’s easy to see the strong passion she has for working with her
clients and their families to help make their real estate dreams come true.
“Having that opportunity to work with clients is something I really enjoy,” she says.
“I enjoy showing properties, but usually work more with sellers than I do with buyers. I’m not out
there to make a paycheck. I’m there for all the different life cycles that they will go through. I
want to be their resource through time. I love when clients call and ask for my advice.”
Family Highlights
Family is at the heart of life for Ginny. She and Clayton were married in 1995. They look forward
to time spent with their children — Jackson, Morgan, and Victoria.
“My primary drive in what I do is my family,” she says. “Real estate gives me the flexibility to
make my children’s events and be there to support them.”
In her free time, Ginny has a love for reading. Her favorite titles tend to involve growth and
development topics.
When it comes to supporting the community, Ginny likes taking part in Luke Day—a day of
volunteering for every NextHome office each June 15. One organization that they partner with is
The Haven. The NextHome mascot is an orange Frenchie dog named Luke so it works well with
their community outreach.
“This year we’re building Luke pet pantries like the blessing boxes,”
Ginny says. “It provides pet supplies and food.”
Other favorites include K9 Companions, as well as the Prodisee Pantry in Spanish Fort.
As Ginny reflects on her career, she offers helpful advice to others who are looking to take their
own steps forward in the business.
“The main thing is to treat it like a job. Don’t just work real estate around what you’re doing. It’s a
serious job,” Ginny emphasizes.
“When I first got started, there was no such thing as a team concept. Today, if I was brand new, I
would join a team. I spent a lot of money on trial and error. On a team, you can sometimes get
leads and training without the huge cost. That’s a great way to get a jump start.”
With a knack for helping others and lifting them closer toward their own dreams, Ginny Stopa is
a prime example of genuine leadership.

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