Mike Adams & E3 Termite & Pest Control

Above-and-Beyond Protection

Starting Out

Necessity is the mother of invention. And it seems that it was destined for Owner Mike Adams to be in his current role — protecting the region’s homes from termites and pests with his team at E3 Termite and Pest Control.
He smiles as he remembers the way it all got started.
“I had someone challenge me to see if we could find a way to protect homes that use spray foam insulation, a substance that is especially susceptible to termites,” he recalls.
Coming Up with the Answers
Mike used his 30-plus years of experience to come up with the solution. But that was just the start of his business four years ago.
As he says, “In addition to coming up with special treatment to protect homes from termites, we also evolved into a couple other construction areas, including coming up with unique treatment methods for homes with stucco walls as well as those on pilings.”
Mike’s passion for his work is contagious. In a few short years, E3 Termite and Pest Control has grown to include a professional team of 10 employees.
“One of my favorite things is to train my employees to go out and deliver these solutions to our clients,” Mike says.
“Very few people have taken the time to educate the general public about termites. Education is such a big part of what we do with our real estate partners and clients. Our team is outstanding. They are loyal, hardworking and they are terrific at informing clients and making sure that they are happy.”
Relentless Results
The team is relentless in delivering its winning brand of termite and pest protection to homes across the area — stretching throughout Mobile and Baldwin counties.
“Our treatment methods are extensive,” Mike emphasizes. “Instead of doing just one treatment, we do three, four or even five treatments with every home to make sure that it is pest-protected.”
Those who have the chance to work with Mike and his team appreciate that the process is very seamless. An initial call to the office puts the wheels in motion.
From there, the property in question is inspected, a free estimate is provided and the work is carried out. But that’s still not the end of the picture.
As he says, “Once we start with someone, we are there with them every step of the way through the closing to make sure that everything goes smoothly with their termite control at their home.”
Family Highlights
Away from work, Mike looks forward to time spent with his wife, Alison. He enjoys sharing the same path in life and business with her.
“I had been in the business about six months when she started with me. That was very important. She is so good at the organizational and administrative side of the business,” Mike smiles. “It is a fantastic partnership. We spend 24 hours a day together and we just celebrated 22 years of marriage.”
In their free time away from work, Mike and Alison enjoy spending time with family and camping. They live on the lake and enjoy fishing and biking.
Exceptional Results
Truly, Mike and his team serve as a prime example of what it means to go above and beyond.
“I make sure that everyone I work with knows that I genuinely care. They can always get in touch with me. I make myself readily available,” he says. “We have more than 1,400 customers. I am involved with every project that we do.”
At the same time, Mike adds other elements to make working with his team as easy as possible, including offering his REALTOR® partners a 20 percent discount.
As he says, “I always strive to put together the best pricing possible to help support the deal.”
The future holds continued promise and growth.
“God built this company. Not me. We take care of our customers and employees,” Mike says. “No one is a number. Everyone is somebody and we are going to take care of them.”
That’s what it looks like when you provide above-and-beyond protection.
E3 Termite and Pest Control
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