Amy Tremayne

Amy Tremayne, Ten Oaks, exudes a passion for real estate. It’s easy to see why her team, The Tremayne Group, has grown rapidly. When Amy speaks about how real estate has changed her life and the lives of the women on her team, it’s obvious why agents are drawn to her. She lights up when reflecting on her team and the success they’ve had together over the last year. She says The Tremayne Group is made up of hard-working, focused women who are mostly moms. Her team knows real estate requires you to juggle multiple tasks, personalities and priorities, all while making sure each client feels heard and cared for — this is where they excel.
Her goal when she started her team in January was to have two agents by the end of the year, and she currently has eight. Her team has grown organically, and she credits this to focusing on coaching and training and not working from a scarcity mindset. “There’s plenty of business for everyone. We’re all in this together, and we don’t need to be in competition with each other,” Amy offers. The success of her team is important to her not for financial gain but because it’s women and moms changing the lives of their families. Amy intentionally structured her team to allow herself and her team members to prioritize self-care to prevent burnout in this demanding industry. The Tremayne Group supports one another in a way that allows them to take time with their families and go on vacation without their clients taking a backseat. In an industry where working from anywhere can equal working from everywhere, this team cares for all its clients in a way that allows them to truly unplug when needed.
When Amy was looking to start her team, she knew she had to be at the right brokerage for her vision to come to life. After months of coaching and conversations with the broker of Ten Oaks, Brandon Baca, Amy knew this was the best place for this step in her career. What drew her to Ten Oaks was their focus on people — both agents and clients. “The focus isn’t about profit and loss; it’s about people and lives,” she says. Ten Oaks is a coaching and training company inside a real estate company. There is a collaborative work environment at Ten Oaks that is unmatched.
If you follow Amy’s social media accounts, you know she has a passion for educating buyers and sellers about the current market. “We can’t price on yesterday’s prices. Agents have to guide their sellers based on the most current data.” Amy always advises her sellers to prepare their property for the market by painting and decluttering. Then Amy goes in herself and stages the listing. This expertise means her listings get more showings and stronger offers. When it comes to buyers, Amy’s knowledge of the current market gives them an advantage when competing with other offers. Amy is excited the market is stabilizing and will be able to negotiate for her buyers again.
When Amy is not leading The Tremayne Group, she’s likely busy with her family. She has three kids in college and a 4-year-old. She loves when all the kids are home, and the house is full. Amy looks forward to her annual family trip and the memories they make. Amy leads by example by prioritizing family time and giving her clients unmatched care. She has a focus and passion that shows in both her personal and professional life.