Taylor Meyers With Midstate Title & Escrow

Written By: Emily Diehi

Photos By: Adam Sanner

“Sometimes your parents really do know best,” says Taylor Meyers, Business Development Representative of Mid State Title offering Title and Escrow Services. This career-altering realization dawned on Taylor once she asked herself, “What do I want to do and why?”
During her sophomore year in college, Taylor was studying abroad in Ecuador for an Internship in Occupational Therapy when she found herself seeking purpose in the professional world. She says, “I was extremely passionate about people and connections, and knew that I wanted to work in an environment where I was able to serve people.”
She quickly realized that she is a social person, wanting to help people in a way she has seen her father, in the Wholesale Mortgage Industry, practice since she was little.
Taylor thrives in a team environment, “I am big on connection and know that it’s easier to connect in person,” she says. “This world can be filled with negativity and opinions. I try to bring a positive light to any office I go into or to any person I meet,” says Taylor.
After moving from Southern California to Tennessee in 2022, she was able to see her husband pursue his career as a Loan Officer. Even if she wanted to, she could never shy away from the Real Estate Industry after having been immersed in it for so long. Instead of ever shying away, she leaned into it.
Equipped with her knowledge, and unwavering family support, she took the undeniable leap into the Title and Escrow Industry - something that her family has encouraged her to pursue to this day.
Taylor has been in her field for one year, however, her knowledge of the industry has been something she has kept on the back burner while growing up, ready to use at a moment’s notice.
Since moving to Tennessee, she has been busy planting roots and establishing her career at Mid State Title, “The knowledge and intentionality of our office is what sets us apart,” says Taylor. “I am passionate about connection and relationship building. I am a people person through and through. Mid-State Title provides an experience for all of our clients and as the marketing representative I am confident and believe in the service that I represent,” she says.
“Mid State Title & Escrow pride themselves on empowering Real Estate Agents by making their work easier to accomplish and enhancing their value to buyers and sellers. They believe that closing on a home should be a celebration, so they are committed to creating a less stressful and more transparent process for the client while allowing the real estate professional to focus on what is most important – being the hero to their happy client. When the focus is on the Buyer and Seller Experience – We all Win,” she says.
Taylor and her husband decided to, “Pick a hobby that we can do until we are 85 years old.” Together, they landed happily on tennis, having an AMC movie pass, and DIY projects. You can find Taylor in her free time on the tennis court, catching a new release film, or hunting for new pieces to refurbish.
Taylor, her husband, and her dad are now in the industry together, often making connections, networking, and assisting people with their home-buying needs. They have more in common than their careers, they are blood. “My dad always taught me that hard work pays off and to step boldly and confidently into every situation,” says Taylor. She has done just that.