Tract Title

Ingenuity and Innovation in Title

All too often, closing on a home feels like stepping back in time to an era still ruled by fax machines and waiting in bank lines. Many agents, homebuyers, and sellers simply accept inefficiency as part of the process. Closing in 2021 shouldn’t have to be this way, so Grover Collins, Madelyn Reynolds, and Seth Cline sought to change it. With the birth of Tract Title, the three partners are bringing innovation to the world of title with cutting-edge technology and reliable systems that leave more time for real conversation. Like the Google Fiber of title companies, Tract Title opens the door to speed, transparency, and white-glove service, a luxury that, for Nashville’s REALTORS® and their clients, is long overdue.

Grover, Madelyn, and Seth founded their company because they experienced first-hand the frustration of a market without it. Each founding partner adds expertise in real estate, finance, or law, part of the reason they work together to serve their clients every step of the way. 

Grover has been an attorney at his firm, Collins Legal, since 2013, but was first a practicing real estate agent. He worked under his father’s brokerage in Lewisburg, TN beginning at age 18, and quickly set a goal to start a title company. He took the scenic route toward title, earning his law degree and practicing defense in the courtroom before finally opening Collins Title. He knew Seth first as an intern at Collins Legal and appreciated his meticulous eye.

Seth’s early career in Residential Lending taught him the ins and outs of the mortgage process. He then attended Belmont Law School, interned at Collins Legal, and was inspired by Grover’s work as a defense attorney. He moved on to real estate, litigation, and transaction work until he and Grover discussed starting Tract Title. With finance and law experience covered, Seth and Grover knew their clientele would benefit from including someone who deeply understands REALTORS®’ current and evolving needs. That’s where Madelyn comes in.

A second-generation REALTOR® of 16 years, Madelyn is also a Nashville native with a reputation for strong relationships. Despite earning her degree in communication, her passion for real estate kept her involved in the industry. She’s held roles spanning management, marketing, and operations at title companies and mega-real estate firms, touching every part of the home buying process. Alongside Seth and Grover, she easily anticipates REALTOR® and broker needs to best serve the Tract Title clientele. 

“We're not just title people,” Madelyn says. “We look at the transaction holistically, and monitor every important event – not just what should be important to a title company.”  The team’s combined knowledge of finance, legal language, and real estate is beneficial to brokers, realtors, homebuyers, and sellers alike, but it takes time. Even as company executives, “we constantly answer our phones,” Seth says, “and that's not so common within the industry.” But, “our internal processes and our client tools give us more time to do that.” They research the latest apps, security, and project management systems, employing trackers like Qualia and Connect, and mobile deposit software like Earnest so that everything is automated and at our fingertips. From the client’s perspective, “it’s like the Domino’s Pizza Delivery Timeline,” Seth explains. “It frees us up to spend more time educating our agents and their clients while providing real-time updates on their deal.” Although already operating in the mode of the future, that old-school, hands-on, one on one approach we appreciate so much in the South is not foregone in the closing process at Tract Title.
Ultimately, everything they do is centered around providing the utmost level of service to their clientele. “We've been in the real estate industry, we've been on the other side of it, we grew up in that realm, so we know where the pain points are,” Grover says, “our goal is to make it as painless as possible.” Seth adds, “We provide an experience that’s unique to every customer, just like every property, every transaction is unique.” With the latest technology in their toolbox, they build a bespoke approach for each client, whether they’re a first-time buyer or a veteran property investor. Combining the best components of their past experiences with the optimized methods of the future, Tract Title reminds us why real estate’s prime time is right now.