Trinity J. Keller

Making Her Best Even Better

One of the traits that true leaders in any industry share is the drive to continually be at their best … learning and growing in their ability through time.
Trinity Keller shares that same dedicated and tireless spirit.
As a REALTOR® with NOLA Living Realty, Trinity is committed to making her best even better.
“I feel I’ve gained valuable insights that help me become a better agent. It helps me serve my clients more effectively. The value of investing in continuing education is very important. The courses are well worth it,” Trinity says.
“The industry is always changing and it’s crucial to adapt and be open-minded. That helps you stay ahead of the game to provide up-to-date services for them.”
Bringing Value Home
Trinity experiences an extra level of fulfillment by working with first-time homebuyers.
“The education part of it is so important, and I really love teaching them,” she says. 
“First-time homebuyers appreciate you. I treat them the way I treat my own children. Also, it’s so rewarding when they are ready to sell their first home and to be able to list their home and help them get into the next one.”
Moving Toward Her Interest
Trinity earned her real estate license in 2006. As she said, it was a natural step toward something that she always wanted to do.
“I had been married and had children. Once I got divorced, I got into real estate in January 2006. Katrina had happened. My two kids were in private school,” Trinity says. 
“During that time, the economy crashed, so I put real estate on the back burner and went back to work at a physician’s office.”
In 2016, the doctor who operated the office where Trinity worked retired. That pushed her into real estate full-time.
Rewarding Results
Trinity’s start in the business was strikingly successful. In fact, her first property transaction was $2.1 million in sales volume.
She went on to record $11 million in sales volume, representing 46 transactions in 2021. She followed that up by $10 million in sales volume in 2022.
Trinity has earned her share of honors and accolades through time. In fact, she was the number one agent for NOLA Living in 2021. 
Family Highlights
For all of the success Trinity has had professionally, her true fulfillment comes from her family, including her children—Christian and Maria.
Away from work, Trinity enjoys her two pit bulls — Remy Marie and Chase Joseph. She also like to network with other agents. Travel is also a favorite for Trinity. One of her favorite destinations has been Sicily, where her younger brother and family live.
When it comes to giving back, Trinity enjoys supporting Take Paws Rescue.
Elevating Success
One of the greatest ways to get a shortcut in your career is by learning from someone who has achieved success consistently at a high level. With that in mind, Trinity shares some helpful advice for others who look to take their own steps forward in the business.
“It’s very important to build trust with clients. When I first started, I thought I had all the answers. But, you keep learning,” she says. 
“Also, following the basics is vital … being honest and reliable is very important. That’s how I have built strong relationships that have lasted beyond the transaction. With that in mind, I love converting transactions into relationships.”
Trinity’s drive continues each day … a relentless drive to make her best even better.
“Being a single mother through time, I still work off that mentality, even though my kids are grown,” Trinity says. 
“I’ve never lost that mindset. I always want to be a better agent for my clients.”