A Need for Speed Story:

House Edition!

More often than you’d realize, there comes a situation where a seller needs speed more than anything else. Let me share two quick stories of that happening with deals I worked here recently. 

In April, I got a call on a Tuesday night about a property in Harahan in the Woodmere neighborhood. The sole heir in Boston had just finalized the paperwork for the succession of their mother and was now the proud name on the deed. This is normal stuff that we deal with often, right? Well, his mom’s house was a hoarder’s house. I’m talking barely a walking trail type of situation throughout. To add to that, the inground pool was starting to self-rise from soil issues and neighborhood kids or vagrants were getting in from a down fence and broken windows/doors. Sounds peachy. 
This heir was adamant that he didn’t want to own this property another minute. He wanted to sell it as-is and instead of valuing a higher price, he wanted to give a sweetheart deal to the buyer who could close the fastest. If he didn’t live in Boston, we could have closed it within 48 hours. Instead, it took us 3 business days to receive the signed paperwork back and close on our end. He wasn’t interested in liability insurance to give him more time to get a higher price. He was DONE with the property! Speed was his preference and he wanted to trade equity to get it. 
In May, I got word that a listing that fell through twice was heading to the foreclosure auction block the next week. Short time fuse and few options remained. The sellers just wanted out and to avoid bankruptcy or foreclosure at all costs. We quickly walked the property and inspected it the same day, analyzed the numbers, made an offer, and once all parties agreed, we started moving the money along. Then we closed and stopped the foreclosure. Without speed, this could’ve looked a lot differently for the sellers. 
Most sellers want top dollar. Then there are a few that need something else. Sometimes that is speed, sometimes that is convenience, sometimes it is discretion. Sometimes it isn’t the most logical reason, but it’s what the seller values most. 
When in doubt, give me a call. I am here to help! Shoot me a text or give me a call and I’d be happy to talk with you about any situations you may have that you think I may be interested in helping with. Let’s connect: 985-259-2858.