Tommy Mattern, The Health Insurance Hero

Fulfilling a Healthy Need

Sometimes the most crucial parts of our lives can unintentionally get placed on the back burner. 
It’s not that we want to put them there. It’s just that in the churn of life, something sometimes has to give. 
Unfortunately, one of those elements that sometimes gets pushed to the wayside is having the right level of health insurance in place to protect you and your family members from the unknown.
Engaged and Experienced
Luckily, you have an engaged and experienced partner to get you literally covered — Divisional Leader Tommy Mattern with Mattern Agency.
Tommy prides himself on being part of a talented team that connects REALTORS® and all other self-employed business owners with high-quality, cost-effective private options when it comes to health insurance.
But that’s just part of the picture. 
They also provide life, dental, vision, and other supplemental levels of coverage in place, as well.
“Many real estate brokerages do not offer health insurance, so the agent has to go out and find it themselves or go through their spouses group plan if that’s an available option. But that can be expensive,” Tommy points out. “Or, they need to go out and find it on the market themselves, but most people don’t really know exactly where to go. The private market offers coverage and plans that are a lot less expensive.”
Navigating the Options
Through the rollercoaster of health insurance in the nation over the last several years, Tommy has helped his clients navigate the turbulent and confusing waters. As he points out, a lot of people forget that there are many options beyond the Affordable Care Act.
“That’s normally the biggest challenge … helping people be aware that there are other options,” he says. 
“I can usually help 80 percent of the people I speak with and save them money on their premiums.”
Prior to getting into the business himself, Tommy managed restaurants in the French Quarter. That’s where he met his wife, and Tommy’s father-in-law does health insurance, so he followed in that career path.
As a result, Tommy enjoys a career that he enjoys on many levels.
“I work in an office with about 18 people … it’s like a small family, and I love watching them be successful and grow as agents,” Tommy says. 
“I like helping people and building relationships and really getting to know the people I help.”
Choice and Value
One of the strengths of the service that Tommy and the team at Mattern Agency provides is the fact that they can access many companies and options.
“Because of that, I’m able to shop the majority of the individual plans available on the market and come up with the best solutions for people,” he says.
Away from work, Tommy treasures time with his family, including his wife, Liz, and their children — including their daughter, Sophia; and his son, Max.
In his free time, some of Tommy’s favorite activities include hanging out with his family and swimming with the kids. He also loves cars.
With his knowledgeable, patient, and thorough approach to serving his clients, Tommy makes an absolutely crucial impact on the lives of those he serves.
“I’m here to do whatever I can to help them. As part of that, I take pride in being responsive, giving great customer service to my clients and coming up with the solutions they need for today and tomorrow.”
When you’re looking for a partner who can help you fulfill a truly healthy need, look to Tommy and the team at Mattern Agency.
Tommy Mattern
Phone: 985-788-8154