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Authentically NoCo

“Our love story is an interesting one,” muses Tamara Suppes, Broker Associate/Partner of The Group Fort Collins. “My husband Chris was a smokejumper, jumping out of airplanes to fight fires.” Tamara’s hometown of McCall, Idaho is a small mountain community with a large smokejumper base and Chris was stationed there for training. “It was a really rainy season and we got to know each other quite well,” she laughs. “We were engaged after six months and married a year and five days after our first date.” Chris was also the head cross country coach for Fort Collins High School and taught high school math after graduating from Colorado State University (CSU), so Tamara transferred to CSU after meeting him and finished her degree after she moved here. 

“I graduated with a degree in Art Education and a teaching endorsement,” she says. “From there I spent ten years in the Thompson School District and Poudre School District, earning my Master’s Degree in Curriculum Development and Administration along the way.” Tamara greatly enjoyed her time in education but felt the writing was on the wall when arts programs started experiencing funding cuts and she was asked to travel to multiple schools on the same day. “Chris and I sat down and talked, agreeing that we could try anything for a year,” she says. “A good friend had entered the industry the year before and had a positive experience with a great managing broker.” Tamara met with the broker and took the plunge. “I was really lucky and blessed,” she says. “I survived my first year, then the second and third, but each year I remember that it’s a matter of hard work and consistency, and success isn’t guaranteed.” 

One of the significant hurdles Tamara had to overcome was the transition into real estate from education. “When people would hear I was a REALTOR® I would get some eye rolls,” she says. “When I was a teacher they would thank me, but I realized that guiding someone through a process that the majority of us will do only a handful of times in our lives is a different and just as important way of helping them.” Real Estate is, ultimately, a means of making a living, and Tamara acknowledged the importance of striking a balance between her passion for helping others and the practical necessity of generating income. Through determination, hard work, and a genuine desire to assist her clients, Tamara successfully navigated these challenges and built a thriving career, while striking a healthy balance between work and home. Her family is the center of her world and she’s grateful for the opportunity to enjoy them to the fullest. 

Together, they engage in various outdoor activities such as running, skiing, and hiking. Tamara's two daughters, Allie and Cassie, have also found their passions. Allie, residing in Boise, is married and has two children, while Cassie runs her own photography business in Fort Collins, specializing in advertising and weddings.

With a long-term commitment to the real estate industry, Tamara envisions herself continuing to serve her clients for many years to come. She thrives on the personal connections she forms and cherishes the lasting relationships she builds beyond the sale. Real estate, for Tamara, is not just a means to an end; it opens doors to experiences, allowing her to explore the world and connect with people from different backgrounds. Traveling on a shoestring budget has given her a broader perspective which she brings back to her community, creating meaningful connections between people.

In terms of giving back, Tamara is actively involved as a board member for Group Gives, an organization that supports individuals and families in maintaining their homes and provides aid to those in need. Tamara strongly believes in the power of charity and volunteer work to uplift communities. “The Group is very locally focused,” she says. “We concentrate on Northern Colorado and provide services and support to people who need assistance with the homes they occupy.” Tamara also writes a blog called Northern Colorado Lifestyle, celebrating all that makes ours a unique region. “I want to highlight all that our area has to offer,” she explains. “We publish a community events calendar, tips and tricks for all things related to the home, and guides on how to explore different pockets of our community.”  Always ready to roll up her sleeves and help out, Tamara is readily available as a resource to her colleagues as well. “Show up and be true to yourself,” she advises brand-new agents. “Being authentic and introducing people to our area and each other in a simple way is a great way to build your business organically.” She also emphasizes the importance of hard work, perseverance, and consistency. 

Connect with Tamara at tsuppes@thegroupinc.com or 970.231.0790.