Martine Bonhoure | Coldwell Banker Fort Collins

Deep Passion for Marketing, Strong Background in Finance, and Extensive Global Experience

Becoming a successful REALTOR® is a culmination of one's experiences, education, and passions. For Martine Bonhoure with Coldwell Banker Ft. Collins, an extensive background in marketing and finance combined with the desire to adapt to a new culture and provide exceptional service to international clients shaped her approach to real estate. She says reflectively, “When we came here my daughter was five years old and I wanted her to adapt to a new culture, environment, and school.” 

Before her career as a REALTOR®, Martine had a successful executive position in a French corporation. However, in August 2002, her husband's transfer with Hewlett Packard (HP) brought them to the United States from Grenoble, France. Determined to help their young daughter adapt to the new environment, Martine decided to put her professional life on hold. She kept their house in France and shuttled back and forth while embracing the opportunities that lay ahead. 

In 2008, a friend at HP persuaded Martine to invest in real estate, and she dived into the world of fixing and flipping homes. With her innate flair for remodeling and selling properties, she quickly became proficient in this domain. Yet, as the market changed and there were fewer properties to purchase, Martine made a pivotal decision—to become a licensed agent herself. In 2013, armed with her background in marketing, finance, and an MBA from Paris, France, she embarked on a new chapter as a luxury real estate agent.

Martine learned firsthand what it’s like to be a foreign national in a new country and she uses that experience to guide her international clients, remember the obstacles and challenges she had to overcome as she navigated the journey of acclimating herself to life in the United States. “When you move to a new country you lose your landmarks,” she explains. “Navigating the local streets and finding things in stores becomes a challenge, and even the layout of a home is different.”

Her passion lies in helping people sell their homes and transition to new lives, a process she knows intimately as someone who has relocated herself. Having experienced the challenges of moving from a foreign country, Martine empathizes with clients from diverse backgrounds, including China, France, England, Ireland, Asia, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Italy, and more. Her ability to bridge cultural gaps and navigate administrative and tax complexities has earned her a reputation for being a trusted advisor to foreign nationals.

“I recreate a different lifestyle, working with people coming from different countries,” Martine explains. “I came here with no credit score even though we had many assets in France, so we had to learn the tax code and loan process with respect to real estate.” She recalls the moment she became aware that the only option for foreign nationals without a credit score was First Tech Federal Credit Union. First Tech not only assigns a credit score but also extends loans to foreign nationals. To this day, it remains the sole avenue for foreign nationals to obtain a loan and fulfill their dream of owning a home. “First Tech Federal Credit Union is still the only one to offer that product,” Martine says. “I help international clients navigate administrative and tax channels.” She points out that sometimes sellers might not perceive foreign buyers as strong but she knows how to speak that language to help the sellers understand those buyers. “I have been in complicated and complex situations so when I face a multiple-offer situation my analytical abilities help me win,” Martine says. “I come from a quiet culture and might not seem social, but other agents trust me and we all embody a win/win spirit.” 

Martine's preference for the luxury market stems from her personal lifestyle and innate desire to be innovative in marketing and selling techniques. Her finance background has been invaluable in her ability to analyze the market value of homes and help clients make informed decisions. Drawing from her corporate experience, Martine treats marketing like a science, positioning each property strategically to maximize exposure and reach the right buyers. “I think the way I did at Schneider Electric, looking at my product and positioning it on the market,” she explains. “I adapt my marketing strategy to the individual home.” Lifestyle videos, captivating stories about homes, and 3D virtual tours are just a few tools in her arsenal to help clients visualize their dream homes. Martine's strong online presence, bolstered by Coldwell Banker's global reach, ensures her work is translated into 16 different languages and syndicated with foreign countries, making her listings instantly discoverable worldwide.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Martine finds solace in spending time with her family. Her husband, Philippe, joined her in the real estate industry after leaving HP. “Philippe left HP two years ago to invest in real estate,” she says. “He’s doing what I did in 2008, focusing on larger projects.” Their daughter, Anne, is a highly accomplished individual who graduated from Colorado University, Boulder, pursued her Masters at McGill in Montreal, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Nutrition at the University of Montreal. The family enjoys hiking, skiing, and frequent trips back to France to visit friends and family. 

Connect with Martine at or (970) 443-1781.