Northern Colorado Tree Service

Failure to address tree-related issues can lead to expensive surprises for homeowners, potentially damaging their trust in realtors. That's where Northern Colorado Tree Service can help. “Agents call us for safety, lifespan assessment, and root system inspections,” says owner Jackie Gosser. “Sometimes a tree isn’t causing an issue at the moment, but we can predict how that situation will change over the next several years.” Her husband, co-owner James Gosser, continues, “Trees elicit huge emotional responses and it’s our job to explain the practical side of things.” 

 The key to avoiding tree-related pitfalls lies in education. Many homeowners discover costly tree problems only after moving in, leading to frustration and resentment towards their realtors. By collaborating with a reputable tree company, real estate agents gain access to invaluable knowledge about trees and their potential impact on properties. James points out an example, saying, “Many people don’t realize that while you can prune a neighbor’s tree branches that extend onto your property, if you cause the tree to be imbalanced and it falls over you can be sued.” 

Northern Colorado Tree Service's plant healthcare division offers extensive services that go beyond traditional tree removal, such as a growth hormone regulator that slows tree growth, allowing homeowners to preserve trees while minimizing potential risks. Moreover, the company prides itself on being pet- and eco-pollinator-friendly, utilizing organic solutions whenever possible. By prioritizing sustainable practices and avoiding harmful chemicals, Northern Colorado Tree Service ensures the well-being of the ecosystem. “All of our products are organic and we are excited to offer a new 100% organic solution to the Emerald Ash Borer,” Jackie explains. “While you might pay a little more to do it right, you will feel good knowing that the chemicals we use will cause the least amount of harm in the future.” James adds that most customers are genuinely willing to pay more for a product that protects the environment, saying, “Sure, you can go with a lower-priced solution but the chemicals are cheap and can do more damage than the condition you are trying to treat.” 

As a family business, Northern Colorado Tree Service places immense value on its employees and the relationships they build with clients. By treating its team members well and providing competitive compensation, and other benefits such as bonuses, paid time off,  and paying for further education,  the company fosters a positive work environment that reflects in its outstanding customer service. Clients can trust that Northern Colorado Tree Service's pricing is fair, as their approach emphasizes quality over cutting corners. “It’s not about cutting down trees, it’s a family culture,” James says. “Our employees are paid well and know they are valued.” He shares a funny story that illustrates the company’s culture. “I have a t-shirt with a picture of a stump with a chainsaw next to it,” he laughs. “It reads, ‘Don’t Worry, I Hugged It First.” While they can crack jokes about their funny t-shirts, James and Jackie are passionate about the health of their environment and community. Jackie says, “If we need to, we will walk away from a request in order to do the right thing for a tree.” 

Northern Colorado Tree Service is deeply rooted in the community, actively participating in local nonprofits such as Realities for Children. Jackie is an ambassador for the group, and she, James, and their young son, Richard, are involved on a personal level as well, donating time and money to help local children at risk and in need. By choosing Northern Colorado Tree Service, realtors and homeowners align themselves with a company that values community involvement and demonstrates genuine care for the well-being of others.

“We try to help educate REALTORS to consider the trees when marketing a house,” James says. “For example, when you look at a tree in the winter and it has no leaves, make sure it’s not dead.” Jackie emphasizes that the top-producing agents they’ve met through Real Producers have not only helped them build their own network, but have benefited from collaborating with Northern Colorado Tree Services as well. “The Realtors we’ve met through Real Producers are the best of the best, and they pride themselves on their attention to detail and high level of service,” she explains. “Times are changing and the days of doing the bare minimum to sell a property are over.” James adds that their company is invested in building relationships with Realtors to become members of their trusted network of industry partners.