Holding Nothing Back

Caleb Boyer (right) co-owns Providence Hill Real Estate with his brother, Dawson Boyer (center), and Elliott Gravitt (left).

Caleb represents the spirit of service that knows no end — before, during and after closing. With his honest, straightforward approach and his selfless style of putting the needs of others first, it’s little wonder that he continues to build with those around him.
As a REALTOR® and co-owner with Providence Hill Real Estate, Caleb holds nothing back when it comes to supporting the needs of his clients and team members.
“I’m one of four siblings. My youngest brother has lived with severe special needs since he was 6 months old. In my life, there has always been someone who has been 100 percent dependent on others. Through that experience, I realize my responsibility to help people,” Caleb says.
“I hope people see that I’m laying it all out there and that I’m doing everything I can to serve them and their interests.”
Uncovering His Passion
Caleb co-owns Providence Hill Real Estate with his brother, Dawson, and Elliott Gravitt. Before joining the ranks of local Realtors, Caleb had pursued a different — yet very related — path.
After graduating from Virginia Military Institute, Caleb worked in residential and commercial construction for about six years. Through the process, he obtained his Class A contractor’s license. In time, he found it necessary to look at another path forward.
“Due to a back injury and surgery, followed by yet another injury, I knew that I needed to explore different career options,” he remembers. “At the time, Dawson had been in real estate for about six years, and he was ready to grow his team. So I joined him in 2016.”
A year later, the Boyer Group and Elliott Gravitt Team joined ranks to form the Providence Hill Real Estate team before striking out on their own and starting their own brokerage about two years ago.
Breaking New Ground
One of the parts Caleb has enjoyed the most about real estate is having the opportunity to create his own path.
“I love that you can make the job whatever you want. We enjoy being people-focused and working with people you have relationships with. I really enjoy helping people through such a big transaction and having the privilege to guide them on that journey. It has been such a joy.”
Caleb also relishes the role of being a valued resource that people look to during stressful times.
“There are such high stakes, financially and emotionally. That’s where the fulfillment comes from — getting to help them through one of life’s big decisions while helping them make the most of their real estate holdings and assisting them in building wealth along the way,” Caleb emphasizes. “I have been able to meet so many incredible people from all walks of life and different backgrounds.”
The results have been remarkable. Last year, Caleb recorded $20 million in sales volume individually. During that same time, the team he leads, PH Partners, recorded $55 million in sales volume.
Family Foundation
Family is a true, driving force in Caleb’s world. He treasures time spent with his wife of eight years, Michelle, and their children, Ellis, Adair, Luke and Reed.
In his off hours, Caleb spends as much quality time as possible with his family. He also likes to stay engaged, volunteering in a variety of ways in the community. Caleb has been involved with Young Life Capernaum, a ministry for teens with special needs. He also served on his alumni chapter board for several years until rolling off after serving as president in 2022. In addition, he serves as chair for the Fatherhood Foundation of Virginia.
“I always enjoy the opportunity to serve and give back … and having other ways to meet new people,” he smiles.
Lifting Others
As Caleb thinks about his professional path and the road he enjoyed in real estate, he offers helpful advice for others who are just getting their own journeys underway.
“First, I think it’s very important to establish a long-term perspective, take one day at a time, and serve one client at a time. If you focus on that, you will have a long, sustainable business,” he advises.
“Also, don’t feel like you have to go it alone. You can have a personal board of directors, or a business partner, or an assistant, or a whole team around you to help you. The reality of humanity is, we can go further together. We all make up different parts of a unit. Know what you’re good at and acknowledge your weaknesses. Find out who can help you with your weaknesses. Also, always keep learning and soak up as much as you can.”