Rock-Solid Experience

When you get the chance to work with a true leader in an industry, it’s natural to jump at it — knowing that the bond will leave you and your clients much better off.
That’s what people across the Richmond region have discovered about President and Founder Tony Kilic and his team at Classic Granite & Marble — one of the continent’s industry leaders delivering a true rock-solid experience.
“I love the interaction with customers. You won’t see me sitting at my desk for too long. I like to go to the showroom floor and talk with customers and to be there with our team,” Tony says with a smile.
Made for This
After working in the furniture wholesale business in the early 2000s, Tony was approached by some friends from college who had started in the stone business. It didn’t take him long after checking out their business to make a decision.
“I asked them for a week or two to check it out and see if I liked it. Right away, I knew I was hooked for life,” he emphasizes. “I love it. The business is nonstop.”
Tony and his wife joined as partners with his friends in 2006, eventually taking over the business in 2009. From there, the evolution of the organization continued.
In 2012, Classic Granite & Marble built its first showroom — a place it built business from for 10 years — a 35,000-square-foot facility with a 5,000-square-foot showroom.
“Our strength from that time on was providing good pricing, selection and customer service,” Tony remembers.
Milestone Progress
There were other landmark steps along the way, including a major investment in digital technology in 2014. In turn, Classic Granite & Marble brought on the first robotic cutting machine in North America.
“That changed our business dramatically. I knew it was positive, but didn’t realize how much of an impact that would have,” says Tony.
That was just the start. In 2016, Tony and his team added a second robot, which ended up opening additional doors with the company’s doubled capacity.
By 2021, the company took the next step forward and became completely digital, reducing paperwork for the team and streamlining the experience for clients, who now complete the selection process using tablets in an even larger facility and showroom that the company calls home today.
“One of the most beneficial aspects of our new facility is the fact that we have an in-line production flow. In the old place, we added machines wherever we could,” Tony explains. “Now we have a very clean flow to our process, with staging materials, scheduling, segregating materials and jobs to different lines.”
True Teamwork
Tony and his wife, Rahsan, lead the company of 160-strong, including 40 in production, 40 in administration, 20 in sales/product management and 40 subcontractors.
Tony notes that he and Rahsan complement each other, with Tony focusing on the visionary side, and Rahsan centered on the creative side of the business, in addition to processes and backgrounds.
Today, they are increasing their focus on the real estate industry.
“I enjoy great partnerships with those in the industry. We offer a white-glove experience. They come in and they see our showroom. Plus, we add other touches to make being here an experience for our partners and clients,” Tony says.
“We like partnering with real estate agents. It means a lot when we get referrals from our partners, and in return, we have a huge pool of networking that we can put to work to support their business. With the stone business, there aren’t  many companies as focused on real estate as we are.”
Tony and Rahsan are proud of their entire team, including their senior leaders — Director of Production, Baha Ezici; Director of Sales, Jeff Harrell; Director of Installations, Alex Underwood; and Director of Operations, Katherine Lynch.
Planning Ahead
As Tony looks to the future, he does so with an approach that is rooted in continual growth and a focus on service.
“It makes me feel very good to know that people love their experience with us, from start to finish … from the moment they walk in until we complete the job. The white-glove service we provide is at the heart of what we do.”
Contact Classic Granite & Marble today at or call 804-378-1100.
Away from work, Tony enjoys deep sea fishing. He’s also an accomplished scuba diver. Another passion of his is traveling.
“I really enjoy making new friends and experiencing different cuisines and cultures,” he says.