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Trusted Local Pride and Expertise

When you love where you live and work, it shows. You take pride in the people and places that make your community unique. And you work extra hard to make sure it’s a place that continues to grow and be a place where others can put down their own roots.
Dedicated Spirit
That’s the spirit of dedication that Nick Street brings to his work as Branch Manager of Street Home Lending every day.
“We appreciate having the opportunity to work with our partners and clients … with them knowing they can trust that we are going to solve complex problems for them and that they see the way we are engaged in this community,” Nick emphasizes. “We bring our experience and communications expertise to their goals. In the process, we love being a great source of education for our partners and their clients.”
Nick smiles as he thinks about Sacramento. It’s easy to see his hometown love.
“There are so many fantastic things to love about this place, including the people, the sense of community that we have here, along with the weather, our location, the culture we have, and the level of diversity that we enjoy,” he says.
Team Triumphs
Nick gives credit to the Mortgage and Home Lending professionals around him on the team, including Andrea Farmer (Operations Manager), Stephanie Maeda (Director of Marketing), and the Mortgage Loan Origination Team: Jac Cancel, Cheyene DeWeese, Danny Chuong, Brian Kirn, and Mike Remer.
“We have an outstanding group of people here. A big part of our business is about cultivating relationships. Each person we work with is unique. Those different personalities dictate the kind of communication and relationship that we have,” Nick points out.
“As a result, we make sure that each partner or client who works with us will have their own unique experience with our team in a way that is mutually beneficial.”
Big-Picture View
With the shifting tides of the market, Nick points out that it can be easy to get caught up in the changes that are happening immediately.
“I think it’s important to remember that every moment in time is temporary. Bad times are just that. They are temporary. They will pass. Same with the good times. So it's really important to capitalize on those experiences and really live in those moments for the good times. We do a really good job facilitating communication with people,” Nick explains.
“There's a lot of misinformation pertaining to interest rates. So we try to do our best to really explain information to people in a way that they can actually understand and give real examples about the way that things are trending. We are a source of education and resources. We post a weekly mortgage update on our YouTube Channel, provide custom marketing materials, and offer training on any mortgage topic an agent and their team want to learn more about!.”
Life’s Highlights
Away from work, Nick cherishes time with his wife and two children.
They are a very active family, with their children being very involved with competitive sports. With that in mind, Nick takes that belief in children having opportunities very seriously. So much so that he is a committed sponsor of several local sports organizations, including the Sacramento United Soccer Club as the club’s first-ever jersey sponsor.
“I think a big part of our support for local sports came from my own background,” Nick explains.
“I attribute a lot of my personal success to my experiences growing up and competing in youth sports. I believe that any child who wants to have those experiences should be able to … not just the children whose parents can afford that.”
Building Something Special
Looking to the future, Nick and his team enjoy their day-to-day surroundings, working in the historic building that was completely renovated and restored.
“I'm really proud of this place for the reason of being able to do something for my community here … restoring a building back to something that people appreciate,” he says. “It’s a huge compliment to us when we hear people say they appreciate how nice it looks.”
As part of the renovated space, Street Home Lending also has its own recording studio in the basement.
As Nick says, “We really encourage a lot of our agent partners to come and record with us. They can record video and audio in our space.”
Day by day, the team at Street Home Lending has a drive for coming alongside their partners to make their challenges and goals into future wins.
“In this business, we’re always met with new hurdles,” Nick says. “We enjoy the challenge of meeting those for our partners and clients.”
Street Home Lending
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