Jenny Sapien

Meet Jenny Sapien with Keller Williams Sac Metro, a REALTOR® with a drive for helping friends, family, and clients get to their next step in life. Jenny’s passion for real estate started as a young girl growing up watching her dad’s work as a Framer, Superintendent and eventually Director of Construction. She loved watching how much love, effort, and great detail that goes into building a home. Jenny followed her roots and passion, and she began working in marketing roles for local Sacramento homebuilders. “Fast Forward 15 years and I decided to take a leap of faith and become a REALTOR®,” says Jenny.  
To what would you attribute your rapid success in the industry?
I think my rapid success came from my general love of people. I am the girl that talks to everyone and seems to know someone everywhere I go. I have done professional marketing for my entire professional career, and that consisted of tons of networking and meeting influential people in the Sacramento region. I feel like I started developing my Rolodex when I was a teenager and just keep adding people each year. Once I meet people or make friends I keep them forever and work really hard to keep in touch with them, which takes effort and time. I always say once you are in my web, I keep you forever. That database of people and sphere of influence was what fed me with business when I first started, and still to this day. That business then turned into referrals of their friends and family. The more people you know the better is how I see it!
What is your favorite part of being a REALTOR®?
I know that a home is the heart of a family, it is where you celebrate, cry and overcome life’s challenges. A home keeps you warm and safe, and everyone should have an opportunity to own one. My favorite part of being a REALTOR® is that I have the opportunity to help people realize this dream of home ownership. In particular first-time home buyers, but also clients in every stage of life from growing families, to downsizing and retiring. I love being able to bring a sense of hope to my clients and I fight for them every step of the way until we win. I get to help change lives, how cool is that?
What sets you apart?
What I think sets me apart is that I want to make every part of the real estate transaction as special and stress-free as possible. I am part REALTOR® and part Counselor, I try and be that voice of reason when things get hard in a transaction.

I get chills when I get to give my buyer clients keys to their new home, and know that it is a magical moment that should be celebrated. I put on a red carpet, ribbon cutting ceremony for all my buyer clients when they get their keys. It is so much fun to culminate an often stressful transaction with something silly and fun. I am always looking for other ways to make these ceremonies even more fun and exciting.

In addition, my passion for marketing comes out in the marketing of homes I list. I know that it is imperative that a home looks good for a successful sale. For all my listing clients I offer complimentary staging services. I have three huge units full of decor and furniture that I use to supplement my clients’ homes, in order to look them like a model. I also offer complimentary decluttering services where I work room by room with the seller to get rid of all the clutter. I follow this up with high-end photography and video, tons of social media, and print advertising. One time I had someone I work with ask me, why do you do so much for your listing clients, and it’s because I don't know any other way. It’s ALL THE WAY or NO WAY for me!
What are your future goals and your plan for obtaining them?
My future goals include continuing to work with the senior population and continuing to build new partnerships with the wonderful humans that dedicate their time to that industry. My goal is to be the go-to REALTOR® that seniors and children of aging adults reach out to for help with the very important step of downsizing. In addition, my personal goal is to be able to leverage my business so that it continues to grow while I am able to carve out more and more time away from the business to spend with my family.