Aaron Hayes

Making a Life and a Living.

There is power and beauty in the simple things in life and immense joy in creativity. This is something Aaron Hayes, lovingly referred to as “Honest Abe”, has seemingly always known. A lifetime of ministering and spreading joy through music has provided more than enough and somehow prepared him well for an industry he never anticipated and a form of service he never knew- putting good people in great homes.
You don’t often find a high school quarterback rocking with the Church Worship Team and a Texas Country Band, but that was Aaron. A firm believer in doing everything to the best of his abilities, he excelled at everything he put his heart into. With both parents heavily involved in the church, Aaron got a first hand understanding what simple acts of service and kindness could mean and how lives could be touched, so from an early age he had his sights set on ministering, and once that decision was made, music took precedence. 

After high school he attended East Texas Baptist, where he met his future wife, Claire, in a registration line on a preview weekend, before transferring to Sam Houston State where he earned degrees in Psychology and Business. Always in pursuit of service, he was regularly involved in worship leading at local churches, even throughout his education. After graduating, he entered the business world, but continued to work as a worship pastor part time. Though content in his work and in being a rock for his community, especially after he and Claire introduced their twin daughters, Adly and Carly, to the world, Aaron still found there was room to grow.

Beyond a front row seat to service, throughout his life, Aaron consistently found himself in areas of high influx and populace growth. At the time, The Woodlands, where Aaron grew up, was the fastest growing community in the nation, then he moved to Kendall County which was quickly on the rise as well. Keenly aware and curious about the growth and developing infrastructure, combined with an avid appreciation for architecture, an extensive background in sales, and a mortgage license, Aaron decided to step into the world of real estate, and aren’t we glad he did!

In the last two years since getting his real estate license, Aaron’s client base and his numbers have been steadily growing alongside the communities he represents. Recognized as one of the rising star realtors in the Hill Country, he credits much of his success being a no fluff or frills kind of guy and always abiding by the golden rule. 
“I like guitars, golfing, fly fishing, and doing the Hill Country thing, exploring the mountains,” Aaron said in an interview, “I’m personable, true, and I just want to help put people in the situation that’s best for them and their families.”
With his daughters continuing to blossom and Claire serving as a director in children’s ministry, Aaron more than understands the importance of family and how much family impacts our decisions, from the small to the grand… like buying or selling a house.
“Our lives are so woven together and home is such a big part of that,” he says, “and as a songwriter and lyric lover, it means a lot to play a part in someone’s family’s story.”
Perhaps it’s his psychology degree, his years of performing as a musician, or his lifetime of working with the church, but one thing Aaron seems to understand better than most is the importance of community. To him, the true value of a home is its ability to provide that comforting cornerstone, for you to leave and return to, as you become a part of your community. It’s a place you get to share with your friends and family as you fill it with love and laughter and make memories that’ll last lifetimes. And since their arrival in 2016, Aaron and his girls couldn’t be happier with the home they’ve made here. 
“We adore it here,” he says with a smile, “we have community here, support, and we really rally around one another. It’s the biggest, small town you’ve ever been in.”
Whether you find him fishing beside Claire as the twins splash in the river, chatting around a table at The Dodging Duck with friends as they catch some live music, or at The Bridge Fellowship where he still serves as one of the Worship Leaders, Aaron will always be ready to lend an able hand or a listening ear. There’s nothing complicated about it, that’s just the type of neighbor he is, the type that wants the best for you and for the community.