Sell a Home, Save a Child

Several years ago, Nick Shivers, a successful real estate agent out of Portland, Oregon, went to Nicaragua in search of the perfect beachfront property on which to place his luxury resort. Instead, he found himself in a small town outside of Managua where his heart changed forever. 

La Trecca is a community that was built inside a garbage dump. Here, Nick heard stories of how families survive by sorting through trash to find recyclables to sell. Each family had seniority over what trash they could dig through to make an average of three dollars per day to feed their entire household. Seeing this reality was heartbreaking. The worst part is that young girls would line up and give their bodies to the garbage truck drivers so that their families could have the first pick of the trash that day. 

After hearing this, Nick called his friend Erik (another top-producing agent located in Fargo, North Dakota) and told him about what he had seen, and together they decided to launch Sell a Home, Save a Child. Their dream was to fund Villa Esperanza (Village of Hope), a home for young girls often forgotten about in Nicaragua. This home was established by Forward Edge International 10 years ago to break the cycle of poverty and to teach young girls that they are valuable, worthy, loved, and designed for a greater purpose than selling their bodies for trash.

Forward Edge believes in helping the most vulnerable children in small focused groups. Changing the life of a single child, in turn, changes their future, which eventually changes a generation one by one. Our mission is to create opportunities for people to discover their true worth and pursue an extraordinary purpose in their lives. 

Sell a Home, Save a Child was founded to bring valuable resources to those young girls selling their souls for trash and to many other children in Forward Edge programs around the world (Kenya, Haiti, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Mexico). Nick saw the incredible opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children through real estate by inspiring others to build businesses not only for profit, but for a purpose. Each realtor who teams up with Sell a Home, Save a Child provides holistic care for children in the above-mentioned countries. We believe the seeds we’re planting today are building a brighter tomorrow.

By partnering with Sell a Home, Save a Child you, too, can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children around the world. We have found that building businesses for a greater purpose has, in turn, expanded our profits, team values, and referrals. We’re looking for realtors in Arizona who want to differentiate themselves and their businesses by partnering with Sell a Home, Save a Child. Once you become a member, you have access to valuable marketing materials that are customized to your brand, which showcase the impact your clients will make by working with you. Every home bought or sold with your team could transform the lives of children in need.

Be different to make a difference. Learn more and join the movement at