100% Plumbing

Owned & Operated by Mont Stephenson

No job is too large or too small for the experts at 100% Plumbing.

100% Plumbing, owned and operated by Mont Stephenson, has been offering residential and commercial services in the greater Phoenix area since 2016. They provide free estimates on all your plumbing needs, including emergency services, drain cleaning, gas line services, and more. On top of that, they also provide electrical residential services. They know your home needs dependable and dedicated handiwork, so they’re ready to treat your home like it’s one of theirs. They can easily take on lighting upgrades, LED under cabinets and toe kicks, and custom specialty features. From garage doors to ceiling fans and everything in between, they’ve got your electrical covered.

In the home, it’s good to know there are many different plumbing connections. These provide water to your kitchen sink, your shower, your washer, and even your fridge and lawn. If any of the pipes providing water gets damaged in any way, water can leak into your walls and floors, causing serious damage and could be disastrous for your home. Even simple pipe leaks under your sinks or a toilet overflowing can cause damage that could turn into a bigger— and more expensive— headache down the line. That’s why you need to keep 100% Plumbing top of mind; even with sneaky problems, like an underground leak or mystery water popping up where it shouldn’t be, they have the technology to detect hard-to-find leaks without needing to excavate. For any leak, visible or not, you can count on their team to fix it. 

Mont and the 100% Plumbing team aim to provide the best service experience the industry has to offer. As the man who oversees the whole company, Mont ensures 100% Plumbing is reliable, guaranteeing that plumbing issues are resolved correctly the first time within the timeframe quoted. Plumbing issues can get expensive, so he makes it a point to provide service at an affordable price and wants his customers to know it’s an investment to protect their homes and businesses by promptly taking care of any issues that arise.

It's a point of pride that 100% Plumbing is a family-owned business, committed to creating lasting relationships with every client. Mont does this by building trust through honest and efficient workmanship and by providing an outstanding experience during every single job they’re called out to. 

Mont has spent more than 30 years in the industry and has used that direct experience to answer any call, day or night.

He acted as the general manager for Christian Brothers: HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical for over a decade. His duties as GM led his team to successfully transform at every level of the business. This included customer care, financial workflow, training, and inventory oversight. He proved himself to be a natural leader, motivating and inspiring team members to not only earn, but also to show respect to every other co-worker and customer.

It was here that Mont was able to refine his process and develop a company vision, planning for future growth. He spent his time and efforts supervising, guiding, and developing a solid management team while also taking the time to recruit and contract both company and project staff. Decisions started and stopped with him as he made customer satisfaction the #1 priority. In addition to making sure the Christian Brothers ran smoothly from an operations standpoint, Mont also learned the importance of building a budget, completing daily financial analysis of key indicator numbers, and managing revenue and expenses.

From Christian Brothers, Mont moved to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in 2015. Here, he expanded his expertise by conducting off-site exposure events to better brand the company at home shows and exhibits, which helped him educate the greater public about the plumbing industry and current best practices. Then, to stay on the cutting edge, Mont continued his own education through Direct Energy resources, which extended throughout the US and other countries. Throwing himself into this, he was able to explore out-of-the-box ideas and perspectives that inherently elevated the way he conducted the business. 

After a year as the acting GM at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Mont decided to start his own thing and opened 100% Plumbing. He brought all his years of experience and knowledge as well as his personable approach to this new venture. As always, his complete focus stayed on his end customer. He continues to make sure customer satisfaction for every job is the #1 priority.

100% Plumbing understands a lot of jobs can be a strain on any business or homeowner, which is why they offer 0% financing. They want you to get professional plumbing done easy and with this option, you can get high-quality service at a great price from a local team who cares about getting the job done right.

Like Mont Stephenson has displayed again and again over the last three decades: the jobs start and stop with the customer, and he ensures that’s where the focus stays.