Charles Lindberg--Goosehead Insurance

An Unwavering Commitment to Taking Care of Clients First

Finding an insurance agent you can connect with, trust implicitly, and rely on to ‘look around the corners’ for you is essential to having the best experience possible, and Charles Lindberg of Goosehead Insurance is that guy. He has spent his entire 10-year career helping lenders and realtors provide their clients with as stress-free a process as possible when it comes to protecting life’s biggest assets. As Charles says, “I am not an order taker. I am an advisor to my clients. I consider what I would do myself in every situation and protect them in the same way.”

Like so many before him, Charles didn’t harbor a lifelong ambition to become an insurance agent but rather fell into it by accident (no pun intended). “I graduated college in 2010 with degrees in finance and economics, thinking I might be a financial forecaster or something along those lines,” he explains. With the economy struggling at the time, he was offered a job in insurance in 2013 and, based on what he was being told, thought it sounded like a great opportunity. He honed his skills for five years before leaving that first agency to become a franchise owner for Goosehead Insurance seeing it as “better for his clients, better for himself, and better for the lenders and realtors he works with.”

Unlike his first agency, which only deals in one product, Goosehead works with 20+ carriers, which gives Charles and his team a lot more flexibility in putting together customized insurance packages for clients. “I don’t offer it all and wouldn’t want to,” he says. “Instead, our primary focus is on home and auto insurance and providing an umbrella for clients.” Charles especially loves working with those doing real estate investing, building up rental portfolios, or doing new construction. “I have been doing this long enough now to see the cause and effect of my work,” he says. “It feels good to see how I have positively impacted people’s lives in a material way after a claim.”

Charles joined Goosehead specifically because of his unwavering commitment to taking care of his clients. Using cutting-edge technology to shop with dozens of “A”-rated insurance companies enables him to find the right coverage at a competitive price quickly and efficiently. He takes the time to review all the options and customizes each policy based on the unique risks and desires of the client. He also takes time to break things down and explain them so his clients understand the risks and the products that can help them avoid those risks.

But it doesn’t stop there. Charles is backed by a service team that has the highest client loyalty rating in the industry. As he explains, “We separate sales and service just like a car dealership. We have a best-in-class, best-in-the-industry service team that handles all the backend tasks, so our agents are free to help new clients or help current clients who are trying to make changes or make new purchases.”

Currently, Charles has one direct employee who does the same thing he does, but he hopes to add a third person to his team next year and continue to grow from there. “What I love most about this industry is that a lot of the folks we work with are in the middle of buying a home, and being a part of that successful homebuying process is gratifying,” says Charles. “We are 100% focused on working with lenders and realtors—that is our target market. So no matter how busy a realtor or lender is, they never have to worry about us not having time to work for them or their clients. We understand their process and strive to make our part of it as successful as they made theirs.” From client reviews, it appears they have done just that.

“I had a very pleasant and satisfying experience with Charles. He was very quick to assess my needs and to offer a quote that was what I needed. He is friendly and listens well. I recommend him as a wonderful agent to work with.” – Valeriy K.
“Charles has been and continues to be an absolute rock star for me. I lead a team of real estate agents and tell all of them to reach out to Charles for their insurance questions and needs. He is the best.” – Colin S.
In his free time, Charles enjoys spending time with his fiancé, Anita, discovering new places around the world and trying great food wherever they are. The two will be married later this year. “I also love living in the Pacific Northwest where I can go snowboarding in the winter, take my dog to the dog park, and play golf in the spring and summer,” he says. “With Lake Chelan, Leavenworth, Wenatchee, and the city of Seattle all within reach, there is a bit of everything here.”

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