Rebuilding with Cindy Kelly

It was 1995 and in the face of an eminent divorce, Cindy Kelly fearlessly embraced single
parenthood while living on the east side of Washington State. She was determined to create a nurturing home and financial stability for her children. Although college was left unfinished, Cindy chose to be there for her kids and found herself working as a salesperson at a popular resale children’s boutique she often frequented. Her boss became a good friend and educator, teaching her invaluable sales techniques that have served her well over the years. It was a regular customer who sparked Cindy's interest in real estate and while she was captivated by the idea, after much research into the idea of becoming an agent she decided to bide her time before venturing into the field. She realized at that time how much of a commitment it would take and she wasn’t in the position to take that on yet with two young ones at home.

Embracing the winds of change, Cindy recognized that her sales career, while enjoyable, would not be a long-term solution for her family's needs. Ever resilient, she found herself working at the front desk of a highly respected dermatology office in Spokane. While the work and the environment were great, she knew she would not accomplish what she needed to. She yearned for additional income and a rewarding career to support her young family. 

In an unexpected turn of events, her employer proposed a remarkable opportunity—becoming a medical aesthetician to expand the clinic's services beyond surgeries and patient appointments. They wanted to expand the practice by adding an aesthetic department. Determined as ever, Cindy obtained her medical esthetician's license and honed her skills. Using cutting-edge, non-invasive lasers and other leading modalities at the time, she was fortunate enough to set up her own practice within the doctor's office. It was a dream come true. Her newfound career brought not only financial stability but also a wonderful sense of pride as she was able to adequately provide for her family. Then, as fate would have it, life changed once more, leading her to marry and embark on a new journey in 2001 to the city of Bellevue, WA—a place she had yet to discover on the map but embraced with open arms, eager for another new adventure.

Cindy arrived in Bellevue in June of 2001, a time just before the world was forever changed by the tragic events of 9/11. After not working for almost two years, by mid-2022 she knew it was time to re-engage in the workforce, and her desire to finally become an agent was close to becoming a reality. 

She began her career with John L. Scott in downtown Bellevue, however, her path to success proved an arduous one as the first six months yielded not one sale. She finally made her first sale and, with the wind at her back, she pushed to earn Rookie of the Year that first year in her office. While she had traversed a challenging path, it was the invaluable wisdom gained from her first retail job—specifically the power of asking questions and listening intently—that truly set her apart. Remarkably, Cindy remains connected with her very first client, steadfastly adhering to the sales psychology lessons instilled by her talented and gifted boss at that small boutique store.

For Cindy, real estate is all about understanding people—it's a people business at its core. She doesn't consider herself driven by numbers but rather believes taking care of people is the key to success. Providing exceptional client service and creating meaningful experiences are her top priorities, knowing that genuine connections and business opportunities will naturally follow. Cindy also values transparency and networking among her fellow agents, recognizing the importance of collaboration. She encourages others to work where they live, love, and enjoy their communities, emphasizing that specializing in a place you already know and love is the easiest path to success.

Cindy values the insights of her peers when researching market trends and the overall economic landscape. Engaging in discussions with fellow professionals helps her gather diverse perspectives and create a comprehensive understanding of the industry beyond raw data. Five years ago, Cindy made a bold move and joined a Real Estate start-up out of New York--Compass. She attributes her successful transition to the strong relationships she had fostered with peers from JLS and Windermere. Cindy appreciates the technology-driven approach of Compass, especially the custom platform that simplifies the management of various tasks and streamlines her back-end office operations. This efficiency allows her to focus more on building meaningful relationships with clients, bringing much more joy and satisfaction to her work as a realtor.

Cindy embraces heightened gratitude for life's little joys. The fulfillment she derives from a job well done, helping clients achieve their dreams, and ensuring their triumph in each transaction, brings her immense happiness. This sense of accomplishment grants Cindy the freedom to savor the simple pleasures in life—enjoying a peaceful cup of coffee amidst her garden on a warm summer morning, cherishing moments playing with her beloved dogs, and relishing the wonderful life her career affords her. Each day, with every client and transaction, she treasures the fulfillment and joy her work brings.