40 Under 40: Recognizing Young Achievers

Fathom Realty
Age: 29 | Years in RE: 5 | 2022 Sales: $ $4,060,500

Candace Solomon-Dennis began her real estate journey after spending several years working in the mortgage industry. Having experienced the joy of helping people transform their lives through real estate, Candace sought a more personal and in-person role. Her experience in both mortgage and real estate has provided her with a comprehensive understanding of the home-buying process, enabling her to guide her clients with expertise and professionalism.

Candace has faced numerous challenges in her personal and professional life, but one particularly daunting obstacle was the loss of her mother, grandmothers, great-grandmother, and a beloved figure she referred to as her "bonus mom." Navigating male-dominated industries as a young woman without the guidance of maternal figures was undoubtedly difficult. However, Candace's resilience and determination have allowed her to stand her ground and overcome opposition.

The favorite part of Candace's real estate career lies in the connections she builds with clients. The fulfillment she experiences when making people's dreams come true is unparalleled. Real estate has the remarkable ability to transform strangers into lifelong friends, and Candace cherishes the opportunity to create lasting bonds through her work. What sets Candace apart from other agents is her vibrant personality and diverse background. The biggest game changer in Candace's business has been social media marketing. Initially hesitant about promoting herself, she discovered her authentic voice and learned to leverage her platforms effectively. 

For Candace, success means freedom. It transcends monetary gains and revolves around living life on one's own terms, without seeking validation from others. Success is waking up with gratitude, having the luxury of time, and making a positive impact in the world. Looking ahead, Candace has ambitious goals for the coming year. Candace's bucket list includes running a successful real estate firm, excelling in high-level sales, and exploring the world alongside her loved ones. Recently launching her own team, she eagerly awaits the finalization of her broker's license application, setting the stage for further growth and success in her career.


eXp Realty Moorestown
Age: 38 | Years in RE: 3 | 2022 Sales: $2,000,000

JoAnna DiPiero’s passion for helping others is evident in everything she does, and she is determined to succeed in her career while also taking care of her family and herself. JoAnna is a real estate agent for eXp Realty Moorestown on the Simit Team.

As a child, JoAnna's parents faced a language barrier and were thousands of miles away from home. Her parents' agent was amazing, and he handled everything with ease. JoAnna was inspired and decided to be just like him someday, helping others during the most stressful times.

Before becoming a real estate agent, JoAnna worked for Lowes Home Improvement for years as a product service manager. She has faced the challenge of losing her older brother, her best friend, and says she learned that it's important to take care of yourself and enjoy what you do.

JoAnna's biggest dream is to take a vacation once a month with her family. She loves helping people and genuinely does it to see clients smile, not for the paycheck. She also enjoys meeting people and getting to know them, which has allowed her to form lasting friendships. JoAnna supports her church and her daughters' softball teams. She has an 11-year-old daughter named Gianna and a 6-year-old daughter named Marie-Elena. They both play softball, and JoAnna supports both their travel and rec ball teams in Erial and Cherry Hill. She enjoys contributing to help purchase jerseys and take care of the fields, and helping out on the field by coaching, being the dugout mom, and bringing snacks in for the team.