40 Under 40: Recognizing Young Achievers

Prime Realty Partners
Age: 23 | Years in RE: 1 | 2022 Sales: $3,400,000

Before entering the real estate industry last April, Pauline Ilagan worked as an executive assistant to the regional director of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Her journey to become a successful real estate agent was not easy, but her experience of moving to a new country at a young age has helped her develop resilience and confidence.

Helping her clients find their dream homes is Pauline's favorite part of being a real estate agent. She enjoys seeing the joy and excitement on their faces when they finally find the perfect place to call their own. She believes that her unique life experience and international perspective make her different from other agents. Pauline's ability to connect with people on a deeper level, speak multiple languages, and understand different cultural norms and customs is a huge asset when it comes to working with clients from different parts of the world.

For Pauline, success means achieving her biggest dreams and aspirations, both personally and professionally. She wants to have the freedom and resources to pursue her passions and create a fulfilling life. As a real estate agent, success to her means helping her clients achieve their real estate goals and make a positive impact on their lives.

As a young real estate agent, Pauline has found that the biggest game changer for her business is her unique perspective and ability to connect with people on a deeper level. She is committed to leveraging these strengths to provide exceptional service to her clients and build a strong reputation in the industry. Her biggest dream is to travel to new places, try different types of foods, and experience new cultures. To fulfill her aspirations, Pauline has a bucket list that includes visiting exotic destinations like Bali and Thailand, trying unique cuisines from different countries, and participating in extreme sports like bungee jumping and zip-lining.


eXp Realty
Age: 33 | Years in RE: 7 | 2022 Sales: $7,500,000

With seven years of experience under her belt, Jaquie Kramer is highly respected in the real estate industry. Her success, however, was not overnight, and she had to overcome various obstacles to reach where she is today at eXp Realty.

Before becoming a real estate agent, Jaquie worked in the service industry. She worked as a VIP bottle server at Coda in Center City, Philadelphia, and was an office manager handling the books and payroll for her dad's masonry business. Growing up, Jaquie’s mom was an agent, and Jaquie was her little real estate sidekick along with her sisters. Seeing her mother help people and being able to work hard while still attending their school events inspired Jaquie to become an agent. She loves being able to help others achieve their real estate goals and working her schedule around being a present mother.

One of the most significant challenges Jaquie had to overcome was being a single mother. She has an incredible village of support, but she is still the sole financial supporter and caregiver for her daughter. It is a tremendous challenge that she is constantly looking to improve.

Some of Jaquie's biggest dreams are to provide an amazing life for her daughter, travel to new and familiar places, design houses on her own with her own crew, and hold a Giveback Homes Build Day somewhere local. To Jaquie, success is when you are confident and happy in your actions, which match your words, which match your thoughts. She's also been renovating a home for the past 21 months and invites you to follow along in the process on her Instagram @peace_love_realestate.