Your Source for South Jersey Property Management Solutions

When you and your clients are looking for professional service support, it’s a given you want a variety of high-quality services. It’s invaluable for that service provider to be a partner with you in the process. That’s exactly what you get with Realty Solutions, LLC — a true affiliate partnership.
A Full Range of Results
Dave Gorham is the co-founder, CEO, and broker of record of Realty Solutions LLC, a real estate management company serving Southern New Jersey. His partner Rob Gleaner, Esq., co-founder, CLO, and attorney provides the necessary expert real estate legal services through Robert A. Gleaner, P.C. ( Together, they and the members of their team deliver an important advantage to their investor clients, association boards, and REALTOR® partners throughout the region.
“We are an enterprise company with a family-style attitude, where I, the property management division, and Rob, as the attorney, serve as a legal authority for all our clients and accounts,” Dave says.
Rob adds, “That’s how we came together about 24 years ago. We built the business by tailoring, first, a real estate property management company, and then combined that with the law office to be an all-inclusive real estate solution. The two divisions of the business are separate, but we run them in tandem to provide clients on both sides with what they really need: professional opinions, advice, and know-how.”
Joining Together
Dave and Rob started out as real estate investors together, buying, selling, rehabbing and renting property. They bring that experience and expertise to their clients each day.
“We were friendly colleagues and had a brainstorming session, thinking we had matching value systems and an enthusiasm for real estate,” Dave says. “We quickly realized that we could help the local market of landlords, Realtors, and investors with our combined experience.”
Depth and Drive
Those who work with Realty Solutions appreciate the depth of knowledge that the team has and the way they apply a truly needs-based and strategic approach to achieving their client’s goals. As Dave says, he appreciates having the opportunity to reach real results for clients and partners alike. In addition, he has a strong passion for coaching and mentoring, as does Rob with legal opinions and advice.
“We built the business using our unique approach with clients. We want to know ‘why.’ We take time to ask this important question. Why do they want to buy a rental property or why do they own it and why do they want full-service property management?” Dave points out.
“It helps to know what the exit plan or end game is. Understanding whether someone wants to sell in the next month or 20 years from now is extremely helpful to the service relationship. I thoroughly enjoy coaching our clients, too, in turn, mentoring and educating team members to do the same. I also love promoting the business and developing new business ventures, getting creative, researching cutting-edge technology, and supporting efforts towards efficiencies for the company and the people we serve.”
Powerful Impact
The value that Realty Solutions delivers is impactful.
“When it comes to rental management, we manage assets and the relationships that come with them, such as with residents, municipalities, and contractors. We manage the coordination of maintenance along with receivables and payables. A large part of our business is handling community management for homeowner and condo associations.”
“While we’re technically a real estate brokerage, it’s only a technicality. What we are is a property management company,” Dave explains. “That’s all we do 24/7. We do not compete in residential sales on the open market. If a Realtor introduces us to a rental investor customer, they know we are there to support their relationship. We protect their right to sales listing with that client in writing. We keep that bond they have strong so that the partnership we have with Realtors is even stronger.”
Winning Spirit
Realty Solutions is a firm that works with a high-tech and high-touch spirit, heavily invested in technology so the company can work efficiently and equally invested in excellent customer service and communication.
Each day, Realty Solutions moves forward with three overarching core values: respect, teamwork, and simplicity. They look for it in everything they do, and it is their secret to success.
“We have a fantastic team, and we operate through the lens of how our decisions align with our values,” Dave says. “As an example, when we talk about our people, one of our success stories is our “Number One,” Jeannie Connors, COO. She worked her way up, over time, in the organization from entry-level to where she resides now, in charge of all divisional operations. This makes a big positive impact on who we are and what we do.”
For more information on comprehensive, professional property management services, call Realty Solutions LLC toll-free at 1-855-547-4700.