Meet Rising Star Laura van Zwol

Quick answers:
How many years have you been a REALTOR®
? I’ve been a REALTOR® for a little over 4 years, I started in January of 2019.
What is your career volume as a REALTOR®? I’ve sold over 50 houses
What was your total volume last year? In 2022, I sold 20 houses
What awards have you achieved as a REALTOR®? Besides getting the honor to be this month's rising star, I’ve been recognized for top producer on my team in 2021.
When did you start your career in real estate?
I started my career in real estate in January of 2019
What did you do before you became a REALTOR®?
Before I was a real estate agent, I was a server and a bartender. anywhere from diners to fine dining. I’ve always been in customer service.
What were the life events that lead you into becoming a REALTOR®?
In high school and college, my favorite subject was psychology. I knew that helping people was going to be a part of my career.
Why did you become a REALTOR®?
When I lived in Texas, I worked with a bartender who was going through real estate school. It put the idea in my head, but I thought that real estate agents had to be more of salesmen, and I didn’t think I would be good at that. A couple of years later, I turned 30 years old and realized that for myself and my family, I wanted something more than what I was doing out of my life. Real estate ran through my mind again. I wanted to give it a try and be an agent who helps people.
Who has influenced you the most when thinking of becoming a REALTOR®? 
My husband was the one who influenced me the most. He was the one who believed wholeheartedly that I would be a fantastic agent.
What are you passionate about right now in your business?
There are so many things that I’ve found a passion for in my business. I never realize that being my naturally helpful self would be exactly what I was going to do in my career. I love the fact that I get to be a part of actualizing people’s dreams of home ownership.
What has been the most rewarding part of your business?
The most rewarding part of my business is not actually getting people into their homes, but instead when I get to become their friends. Years later, I get to see what they’ve done to make it not just a house, but their home. I’ve watched people build their families, retire, and many other things to forward their lives. Being a part of that has been the most rewarding part of my business.
What was your biggest challenge as a REALTOR®?
The biggest challenge as a REALTOR® has actually been the busy work. I’ve always had a job where I go there, work hard while I’m there, then go home. clock in me, clock out me. That was easy. I had to find ways to give myself that. Home is my sanctuary, so when I’m at home, being a mom and a wife is my priority. So I had to find a place that gives me that clock-in, clock-out feel.
How does real estate fit into your dreams and goals?
Real estate has given me what I’ve wanted for my kids. I’m able to take my kids on vacation, I’m able to be available for my kids when needed. It’s also given me the ability to support my husband in business ownership.
What’s your favorite part of being a REALTOR®?
My favorite part of being a REALTOR® has to be that I’m happy, I feel accomplished, and I feel like there can’t possibly be another career out there beer suited for me
Define success.
Success to me is happiness. Whatever that means for each individual. This isn’t just about money. Anyone can make money but being able to see my kids being happy, whether it’s giving them vacation experiences, being there when they need me, or having the ability to get the things they need. Those things make me happy that I can provide that for them.
Tell us about your family and what you like to do together. 
My husband, Andrew, and my four kids, Anthony (20), Lucas (16), Gabriel (12), and Emily (Tooe) (11). I could go on and on about my family because they are the entire reason I am working so hard. I really don’t know what topic to stick to, family is everything to me. We are a very close family, with our best policy being open and honest with each other and giving everyone the respect to make mistakes and learn from them. On Mondays, we like to do a movie night. I try to stick to movies that I loved as a kid that I think the kids should watch. We love to play games together like Doomlings, Exploding Kittens and Rummikub. 

My oldest son is pursuing a career in childcare, working his way toward working with kids. My 16-year-old has taken up a love for music like my husband has. My husband plays guitar and my son plays bass. My youngest son has his sights set on working for NASA. He goes to Libby center and is the smartest person I know. My daughter, she’s the challenge, being the youngest and the only girl, it’s been exciting and challenging raising her. Being a tomboy myself, I’ve learned so much about what it means to have a girly girl. But she’s my best friend, we go shopping together and have so much fun just hanging out. I could talk all day about my kids, but I think that’s the lightest overview I could have managed.
Favorite books or music?
My favorite books are by Anne Bishop. She’s been my favorite writer since I was 20. and My favorite music is definitely 80’s. I love the musicality they had back then. Being a singer myself and my husband a guitar player, plus both of us growing up with musical backgrounds, we love the way that the 80s rock did their music.
What are your hobbies and interests outside of the business?
Being around my family is definitely the most important to me, but my husband and I love to get good food, we love to try new restaurants together and it’s important to us to have a great relationship between the two of us. as a personal hobby, I love to crochet and knit, I have more blankets in my house than I know what to do with
Being new, what advice would you give to someone else that is interested in becoming a REALTOR®?
Being a REALTOR® is simple, not easy. Everything you put into it comes back out. Being yourself really is the best policy. Once I learned that being the best REALTOR® I wanted to be is what was loved by the people I attracted, that’s when my business started booming. The most important thing in my business is helping people. I don’t want people to just buy a house, I need them to be happy in order for me to feel successful.
What do you want to be remembered for? 
I want to be remembered for the care I give to each and every one of my clients.