The Power of Positivity

With each transaction, you are helping your clients to the next stage … the next milestone on their journey to their new home. In the process, one of the things you can count on is the unexpected.
The Pursuit of What’s Possible
One of the most valuable tools you have to see your clients through is your positive nature and knack for problem solving. 
That’s why it means so much to have a partner on your side who works with that same sense of action on behalf of your clients.
That’s where Manager Elise Bradley and Professional Title & Escrow Corp. come into the picture.
“I haven’t worked in such a positive work environment in so long. We pow-wow multiple times a day working through things together,” Elise says. “There are three of us on the team now. We joke how we are the perfect triangle since we have all worked in various aspects of the business.”
Getting Her Start
Elise started her career in the banking industry when she was 19. She started as a teller and worked her way up. 
“I’ve been a personal banker and worked in bookkeeping and a loan admin job. I went to Bank of O’Fallon and then to Bank of Edwardsville,” she says. “I worked in closing on the lending side and the title side and then this opportunity came up.”
One area of emphasis for Professional Title & Escrow Corp. is continuing to implement the latest software innovations to ease remote work.
“We’re starting to work with a remote service that will go anywhere in the U.S. We are more than willing to travel to our clients,” Elise says. 
“We are client-oriented and want to do what works best for them. We want to make it as easy as possible for our REALTOR® partners and clients. There are a lot of buyers out of state these days who find it very difficult to take time off.”
Easing the Way
In addition to their focus on using technology to ease the way forward, Elise and her team are equally honed in on providing a true personal level of service.
“We like people to come in to the office and meet us. We are a small branch. We have information about us and how our closing process works that we go through with them,” Elise says. 
“We want to go above and beyond for them. We will be hands on … or not … for them, depending on their preferences. We like to talk with agents individually to find out how they prefer to work. We also answer questions for folks whenever the need arises.”
Life’s Highlights
Away from work, Elise has a big place in her heart for family. She grew up as the third oldest out of eight siblings.
“I love the fact that we all live in the area. I talk with mom every day,” Elise says. “My dad has moved back to the area, too.” 
In addition, Elise is planning her wedding, and is looking forward to the next chapter in her life with her fiancé, Scott Morton.
In her free time, Elise likes to read … mostly novels by Stephen King and Dean Koontz. She and Scott enjoy sampling different breweries. 
As Elise looks to the future, she dedicates herself to moving forward with action.
“I’m definitely a go-getter, and I don’t like to sit still. I problem solve a lot. I don’t like to leave something in someone else’s court if there’s something I can help with. I make sure what I’m doing is correct and that no one is going to question our work,” Elise says. “If there’s an answer, we’ll find it.”
When you’re looking for a partner who will unlock the power of positivity for you and your clients, look to Elise Bradley and Professional Title & Escrow Corp.
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