Payton & Emily Blaylock

Integrating Family and Business

As anyone who has traveled the path of marriage and family life understands, raising a family
isn’t easy. Marriage has its own set of demands and complexities, requiring attention and care
to keep the relationship healthy. Throw in a few young kids, and the pot can quickly overflow.
While young children bring countless blessings into their parents' lives, they also bring many
challenges. New parents are faced with obstacles they never imagined and are often changed
by the process of becoming a mom or dad.

Payton and Emily Blaylock know the dance of family well, as they have two young daughters
under the age of four. Amazingly, they are also running a thriving real estate business side by
side. By continually seeking balance and staying committed to their family and careers, Payton
and Emily are flourishing. Their life isn’t always easy, but it sure is rewarding.

Payton and Emily have been married for eight years and have been working together in real
estate for the past five. Through it all, they’ve become stronger as a couple, as parents, and as
business owners.

So how do they do it all? For Payton and Emily, practice is key. They understand balance isn’t
something to achieve, but rather, something to practice daily. They’ve integrated real estate
and family life, making each a part of their lifestyle.

“Balancing is one of the hardest things,” Payton says. “I don't think we'll be able to perfect it,
but it’s something we strive for every day.”

“There is definitely a lot to balance with two little kids and our business, but there’s nowhere
else we’d rather be,” Emily smiles.

Thriving in Real Estate
Payton and Emily co-lead The Blaylock Group with eXp Realty, a team that includes two full-
time agents, Ashlyn Silhavy and Alli Rittenhouse, and two part-time agents, Amanda
Korsmeyer and John Mars. The Blaylock Group is built on camaraderie, collaboration, and family values. Ashlyn and Alli also have young children, so family has become a central theme for the group. Payton, Emily, Ashlyn, and Alli lean into support from each other and take a “village approach” to parenting and business.

From a client's perspective, Payton and Emily are all about relationships. They focus on
building meaningful relationships instead of counting the number of transactions closed.

“We keep it real in real estate and strive to be approachable. We also have high professional
expectations and a lot to offer our clients. We’re a blend of friendship and offering a great
experience,” Emily says.

Drawing on their Past
Prior to launching their real estate careers, Payton was a high school football coach, and Emily
was a fifth-grade teacher. Their backgrounds in coaching and education inform their approach
to real estate and relationship-building.

“My coaching background shows up with clients and while mentoring newer agents,” Payton
says. “With clients, I get to coach and guide them through the home buying or selling process. I
have the drive to help people in general, whether buying or selling or coaching new agents to
build a new business and a life… I never imagined what real estate could do for us — freedom,
financial, and community involvement. I have a drive to help other agents reach that.”

Emily relies on the skills she built as a teacher, too. She left the classroom to join Payton in real
estate in 2018, but her heart for teaching remains strong.

“Especially with first-time home buyers, I really help educate them through the process,
holding their hand with the passion and heart of a teacher. I also have a master’s in education,
so I consider myself a local school district expert. I'm passionate about helping families find a
school district that helps them fit their needs.”

Leaving a Legacy
For Payton and Emily, family is number one. Their daughters, Libby and Abby, are now four
and two. As a family, the Blaylocks enjoy traveling (they’ve been to Disney an impressive 11
times) and volunteering (they support Kellsie's Hope Foundation, which supports children with

“We never travel without our children. We are really passionate about letting our kids see the
world. They go on every trip or adventure,” Payton says.

As Payton and Emily look ahead, they have some big goals. Professionally, they are looking to
start a real estate team in Florida within the next year and grow their investment portfolio.
Personally, they aspire to build a reputation for kindness and compassion.

“I want to be known for helping people. What I love about real estate is that we get to be part
of the biggest purchase in people's lives. It's amazing to be a part of that. Our legacy is to be
remembered as helpful and caring,” Emily says. “Personally, my passion is being part of our
family business and being there as a business owner, being there for my girls, and knowing
that we are creating a family legacy for them.”