Chad Sellers

The Racing REALTOR®

Chad Sellers was first introduced to real estate through his dad, Richard. Richard was a government employee who had a bold entrepreneurial idea — to convert home equity back into cash to be used for the homeowner's benefit. While reverse mortgages had been around since the early ‘60s, they weren’t yet popularized, and Richard had the bright idea to bring a new home equity program to the world.  

“As history took it, it ended up being a banking thing, and his idea never took off,” Chad reflects. “But, it inspired me to pursue real estate and take the Equity Fifty-Five brand to serve our community.”

Chad launched his real estate career in 1996, shortly after graduating from the University of Illinois Springfield with a degree in business administration and management.

“What intrigued me was the complexities of real estate and the many ways one can be involved to improve communities,” Chad reflects. “We’re in a rural area that didn't have new developments and franchise stores. There was no REALTOR® in my hometown, so this was a chance to go out and become an entrepreneur. We had a vision of growing our town in a healthy way.”

Built on Culture
Twenty-eight years later, Chad’s vision has been fulfilled. As an agent and broker, he’s made the brokerage a valuable part of the community.Chad is the team leader of Chad Sellers Real Estate Team as well as the Owner/Broker of Equity Realty Group (rebranded from Equity Fifty-Five in 2022). 

“While I watched many agents nurture their own careers, I've focused on growing the brand.  Today, we have over 25 very successful agents that make up the Equity ecosystem. It's always been about empowering and building up other people. We’ve created a culture based on extraordinary service and uncompromising ethics.”

In his personal sales business, Chad focuses on residential and commercial development and new construction. He’s almost exclusively a referral-based agent. He credits much of the team’s success to Teresa Schaaf, a longtime member of his personal team.

“I never fathomed we’d be serving second and third-generation clients at this point. Repeat business and referrals are the lifeblood of our business,” Chad says.

As a designated managing broker, Chad aims to coach and inspire while supporting agents navigate transactions. His team is working hard to leverage the benefits of cutting-edge technology while placing value on the personal side of the business. Blending technology with people is the core of the Equity Realty vision.

Perhaps most importantly, Chad has built a culture of collaboration, optimism, and teamwork.

“Yes, we are all individuals, but we are part of something bigger than ourselves. That will make us stronger as a whole. If someone is always about themselves and the money rather than highlighting the client they are serving, it’s not a good fit. We can be tough negotiators, but we also look for a win-win. That’s the cornerstone of the business — putting the client’s interest in front of any personal interest.”

Faith, Family, Country
In addition to being a standout broker and REALTOR®, Chad is a proud man of faith, a father, and a husband. He and his wife, Denise, have two sons, Blake (22), who is on Chad’s real estate team, and Cole (24). 

Chad’s favorite pastime is competitive racing; he’s even earned himself the moniker The Racing REALTOR®.

“Race car driving keeps me in shape and satisfies the fierce competitor within,” Chad offers. “I’m a regional racer, driving a 700-horsepower DirtCar sanctioned modified race car on the dirt tracks. I generally race at the Highland Speedway, but my favorite event is an invitation-only event, the Gateway Dirt Nationals, which takes place at the dome in America’s Center.

Faith, family, and country are Chad’s core values — whether he’s racing, hanging with his family, or selling real estate.

“If there’s one thing I’d want people to know, it’s that I'm genuine, honest, and you generally know where you stand with me. I live by the platinum rule. I treat others the way they want to be treated.”