Julie Woodcock

Embracing Change

One of the words people fear the most is change. Throughout our lives, we’ve generally been conditioned to associate negative things with it.
Of course, the opposite is more likely true. With change comes new opportunities and a chance to make a fresh start in a new chapter — one that you help your clients write through your work.
As a broker with KW Legacy in Holly Springs, Julie thrives on change. In fact, she embraces it.
“Each day presents a different itinerary for me, and every transaction is unique and full of learning experiences,” Julie says with a smile. “Nothing feels mundane about what I do. Change makes the process interesting. Even after 29 years, I feel like I’m still learning every day.”
Julie thinks back to the way she first got the idea about pursuing real estate.
“When I got out of college in 1991, it was very hard to find a job at the time. Right out of college, I created marketing pieces and organized trade show events for my family’s business. The business was similar to today’s version of Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement for hotels and apartments in the Washington, D.C., area.”
In 1993, she moved to Raleigh because she wanted to be close to Scott, the man who was her boyfriend and who today is her husband. In the process, she studied psychology and English. In time, she got encouragement from a friend who was in real estate to check out the career path for herself. She moved forward with the suggestion and earned her license when she was 23 … starting out representing new home construction.
She moved forward quickly, building her business with a focus on continuous improvement and lifelong learning.
Today, she continues to build on her illustrious success story that has accumulated over $400 million in career sales volume. Julie attributes a big part of her success to having a licensed assistant on staff. "Lisa Kreisler, my licensed assistant, is my glue who helps to provide clients with stellar personal service," notes Julie.
At the end of the day, Julie’s most rewarding part of life is her family, including her husband, Scott, who is a builder and remodeler, and her son, Zack.
In her free time, Julie enjoys reading and relaxing with her family. She also has a passion for traveling, shopping and relaxing in her pool.
When it comes to giving back, Julie has been working for the past 10 years to make a difference in the lives of refugee families. It’s a labor of love she’s been carrying out with one of her friends. In addition, she is a member of the Holly Springs Rotary.
Julie brings a unique set of attributes and perspectives to all that she does. It clearly is reflected in the passion she brings.
“With my new-home background, I was always highlighting the community. Lifestyle is important in the work that we do. I’m trying to help match a lifestyle a family wants with a home. Finding that right match is what I strive to accomplish,” she points out.
The first 16 years of Julie’s career were spent in new home sales, including 12 years at Sunset Ridge, selling lots to custom builders. Today, she continues adding an experienced personal touch that she has carried out through her real estate career — staging the homes that she lists.
“In a market where new homes are available, I found that it was important to stage resales,” she says. “An older home properly staged can sell faster and for more money. I keep an inventory of staging furniture and decorations, and I also hire an award-winning stager who works with me."
“My husband’s building business often intersects with mine. He and his superintendent are both licensed general contractors,” Julie says. “When I list houses, and I’m under contract with buyers, they can come quickly to help us sort through any issues, bringing their expertise. That really helps to inform the people we work with and keep their minds at ease.”
Congratulations to Julie Woodcock for the way she creates successes each day for her clients … in turn, embracing the challenges and opportunities of change while her clients embrace their new future.