Rachel Lowe

The Heart of a Teacher

Prior to becoming a REALTOR®, Rachel Lowe spent four years as a math teacher in the North
Carolina public school system. Rachel graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she attended on a Teaching Fellows scholarship, and promptly began her career in education in Raleigh. With a drive to serve others and a deep commitment to bettering her community, Rachel was confident that teaching would be her only career path. Yet, as is often the case, life had different plans for her.
Rachel found tremendous fulfillment as a teacher. She had the chance to serve countless children, teens, and families, giving her heart and efforts to improve their lives. Yet, there were also significant challenges. The bureaucracy of the public school system left Rachel somewhat handcuffed in terms of what she could teach and how she could help, leaving her feeling burnt out.
“I loved working with a diverse community, getting to know my students and their families. It gave me a really unique sense of community,” Rachel reflects. “But I started getting a little
frustrated with some of the restricted curriculum. I was given a curriculum by the county and
lost some of my uniqueness. I loved it so much and wanted to do so much that it kind of
consumed me. I wanted to do so much good for all these kids. I thought, ‘If I can be part of the
community on a larger scale, maybe I can be of more help.’”
Rachel began racking her brain for ideas. What path would allow her to continue to serve her community?
“My husband and I bought our first house in 2018 with Mollie Owen, one of the owners of my firm and my biggest mentor. We bought a top-to-bottom fixer-upper and had a great experience with her,” Rachel continues. “I’ve always loved homes and enjoyed fixing them up. I started picking her brain — what her day-to-day looked like — and eventually decided to make the switch.”
Rachel began her real estate career in 2019. Four years later, she is thriving. She closed 32 transactions for $22 million as an individual agent with Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International
Realty in 2022.
As a REALTOR®, Rachel values decency, transparency, and service. She continually puts integrity above a paycheck. She’s willing to put in the hard work for her clients.
“I have the ability to meet people on a genuine level and care. That’s a huge piece of this job.
It’s about all the nuances in this business. What is their situation, and what do they want out of
this? It’s about meeting their needs, and I learned a lot about that in education,” Rachel explains.
Rachel’s work in real estate has also allowed her to pursue other passions in life. She is involved with a nonprofit that supports middle and high school-aged children through mentorship and tutoring. She also serves on the nonprofit’s committee that helps select students for the program.
Rachel is also a new mother; she and her husband, Kegan, welcomed their son, Zane, to the
world on March 9, 2023. Becoming a mother has been a blessing and a challenge.
“It’s been incredible. It was something that in this business I was nervous about. Working for
yourself, people kept asking, ‘How much time are you going to take?’ I don’t have time to take. I can take time off if I choose to, but I sacrifice business when I do it. So I never stopped working,
and that was my choice. I’m so grateful to have a partner that is so supportive,” Rachel offers.
As she moves deeper into motherhood, Rachel recognizes the importance of setting boundaries and running a defined schedule. She’s excited to take those new skills with her into
the future, making her a better REALTOR®, community member, and mom.
“My grandfather used to say, ‘Nobody ever drowned in their own sweat.’ That’s something I
always try to live by. There’s no downside to working hard.”