Anne Mason

Woman on a Mission

Anne Mason is a woman on a mission. As a real estate agent with Rich Realty Group, she has been selling properties for five years, and in that time has become known as a hustler who is determined to get the job done.
Born in Wilmington, NC, and raised in Goldsboro, Anne attended Peace College for Marketing. Anne believes that her education has helped her significantly in her career, especially once social media became a part of real estate and gave it a creative outlet. "Especially the influencer-marketing side of things," she admits.
But it was her grandfather who had the biggest impact on her life. "He taught me about building relationships - paying attention to what they say on a personal level and a professional level. If he met someone one time, he remembered any and every conversation they ever had. And that has played such a big part in my life because it's such a relationship-based career. You're selling yourself. You want to make people trust you and believe in you."
Anne's family and friends would describe her as determined and competitive, one who can make anything happen once she sets her mind on something. Her mission in life is to build lasting relationships with people that have an impact on her, and hopefully that she has on them. "I don’t take people trusting and believing in me for granted.  When I meet new people and connect with them, I make sure I sustain that relationship and make them feel seen and heard," she says.
One of the things that Anne finds most fulfilling about her work is the relationships she builds with her clients. She takes the responsibility of helping people buy or sell their homes very seriously, and she never wants her clients to feel like it's just about the transaction. She wants them to feel like they got the experience they deserve and that they can count on her as a friend and confidant throughout the process and long after. Anne admits she’s not the typical "pantsuit realtor" either - she provides comic relief and tries to make the experience as fun and exciting as possible.
But Anne's success in real estate hasn't come without challenges. One of the most significant obstacles she faced was the pandemic. "It was absolutely insane in the real estate market, and all these clients wanted to buy houses while the interest rates were low. Seeing all the homes within an hour before the house sold, and people were putting their entire savings down in due diligence,” she explains.
“I had one client during that time, when the appraisal came up short, and she had $50k in due diligence. It was a moment in my career where I had to evaluate if this was the right career for me. I don't want people to lose out on a penny, let alone $50k. That was challenging. We were able to work with the lender and find a solution so she wasn't completely out of pocket. That entire period of time was super impactful.”
However, Anne believes the challenges she faced during the pandemic helped her to realize new skill sets, such as negotiations and creative solutions. She learned how to give bad news to clients, which was difficult for her as a people pleaser, but ultimately helped her to become a better agent.
She attributes a lot of her success to her colleague and friend, Dave Mang, his land acquisition abilities and her marketing skills have proven to be the perfect blend for their builder clients. As a team, they have been able to niche themselves in the downtown and ITB market, as well as the luxury market, by looking for infill projects.  They have several projects they are working on like the 29 Enterprise condos in the Village District, The Page Street Collection in Downtown Raleigh, and many luxury homes ITB.  Anne is also building her own house in Anderson Heights. "It's taught me so much about the building process. I can now offer firsthand experience to my clients about what to expect," she says while pointing out how it improves her ability to better serve her clients.
In her free time, Anne enjoys spending time with her fiancé, Alex and their “two perfect little Brussels Griffon dogs - Wook and Bozzie”. She bought a condo during the pandemic, in Pine Knoll Shores. “It’s kind of been our safe haven,” she says. “Our escape from work. We just love going down there and relaxing.”
Her family also owns a lakehouse in Michigan that she frequents every summer and takes great pride in the cottage that her grandfather bought back when he was just 19. The property continues to provide their family a getaway on Lake Michigan, in Castle Park. And when traveling isn’t an option, Anne escapes into exercise and true crime podcasts.
Looking to the future, Anne hopes to build a team of like-minded individuals who share her vision of finding solutions and being a people-first, relationship-based team. She believes that empathy for people's needs is essential to being a successful real estate agent.
“There’s no ‘one size fits all’,” solution in real estate, Anne reflects on the industry she loves. She continues to say how you should never try to morph yourself into something you’re not. “I’ve found throughout my short but so far successful career is that being authentic, my true self is the best thing.” Sharing her life, dogs, local shopping spots, and day-to-day challenges on social media has helped her reach an audience that’s like-minded to herself…and made her job much more enjoyable.
A creative thinker who likes to find unique solutions in the real estate market, Anne had this to say about the ever-changing and evolving industry, "It pushes me beyond the regular day-to-day real estate market industry, and I enjoy that. I like finding new and unique opportunities for my clients." She is a determined problem-solver who is always looking for unique solutions in the industry. With her experience, determination, and dedication to building lasting relationships, Anne is sure to continue making a name for herself in the real estate world.
“I want my clients to know I'm here for them long after they make their move.”