Soraya Platt

Paving Her Own Path

At 12 years old, Soraya Platt tied back her apron and stepped into the rhythm of her bustling hometown of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. As a waitress in her mother’s restaurant, she embraced a work ethic that hasn’t wavered since. 

"I wouldn't know how not to work,” she said, a smile showing under the brim of her fashionable cowboy hat. 

It was expected that a young Soraya would graduate high school, get married, and start a family. Instead, she earned a scholarship to Tecnológico de Monterrey, a prestigious private college in Monterrey, Mexico. In a time when traditional gender roles dictated women's paths, she earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing, determined to forge her own path. After graduating in 1984, she was married in 1985. Her dreams of a career paused as she started her family, but they never strayed far from her mind. 

Just two months after giving birth to her oldest child, Soraya entered the world of real estate after meeting a REALTOR® working with her mother. "Real estate wasn't in my vision," she admitted. “But I loved it as soon as I started." Within a week, she closed her first transaction, setting the stage for a remarkable career that has continued for over 36 years. 

Staying Steady 
Soraya thrives on the roller coaster of real estate. For her, every challenge is a thrilling, new adventure. However, life hasn’t always felt as effortless and enjoyable as it does today. 
She built a career in Mexico, where there are few protections for real estate professionals while raising three young children and navigating the divorce process alone. 

“My 30s and 40s were a journey,” she sighed. “I wouldn’t trade any of it, though, because those difficulties made me who I am today and helped me create this life.” 

When Soraya met the love of her life, Gabriel, she had three children: Aaron, Vivian, and Alberto. Together, they added their fourth child, Gabriela, to their family. For the Platts, family is everything. They spend as much time together as possible, often gathered in the backyard while the carne asada hisses on the grill or for an afternoon of hiking. 

“We see each other so much,” she laughed. “We are always inventing occasions or creating any reason to get together.” 

Both Soraya and Gabriel are hard workers and providers. Gabriel has been in the cattle business for over 30 years—a business known as well as real estate for volatile ups and downs in the market. 

“We’ve had our fair share of difficulties, both being independent contractors,” Soraya said.
After moving to the United States in 2003, Soraya continued her career as a REALTOR®. As a bilingual professional, she seamlessly navigated the complexities of real estate in Mexico and the United States. "Working with people is the same everywhere—it's the paperwork that is different," she smiled. 

Building a Family Legacy 
A trailblazer in her own right, Soraya unintentionally crafted a family business with her two daughters and two daughters-in-law working alongside her as real estate agents. 
“We are not related when we’re working, but it’s a lot of fun,” she laughed. She’s a businesswoman through and through—as strict with paperwork as she is fun on the weekends. 
In November 2022, Soraya embarked on a new journey, joining Long Realty and founding The Soraya Platt Team after owning a franchise brokerage for several years. 

As she prepared for the transition, she told the agents they were free to forge their own path. And they all chose to follow Soraya. “I felt like a mother duck with all my little ducklings trailing behind me,” she smiled. Her entire team moved to Long Realty with her, affirming the strength of their professional bonds. 

Despite being across the country, Soraya's daughter in West Virginia remains an integral part of the Soraya Platt Team, showcasing the team’s ability to solve problems and face challenges. Soraya’s most steady advice is: “You have to face your fears.” 

Soraya is dedicated to deepening her understanding of herself and others. After dozens of workshops and classes, she became a certified family constellation therapist to help others face and overcome unresolved family trauma. 

As a perpetual learner, Soraya actively engages in personal development through reading, classes, and research. She is a proud member of a local book club that explores various themes, both as an educational journey and one of self-discovery. "My mind is always thinking about ways to become a better person and businesswoman," she said. 

In Soraya, we find not just a seasoned real estate professional but a matriarch building a legacy of family, resilience, and continuous growth. Her journey from a waitress in Mexico City to a leading figure in Tucson's real estate market reflects her spirit of embracing change, facing fears, and nurturing relationships. The legacy she's creating is a testament to her success and an inspiration for generations to come.