Jose Campillo

Brighter Days

“We all have bad days, but the key is to persevere. Even during tough times, it's important to discover the motivation to push forward, whether for the sake of your family, your aspirations, or your well-being. Remember, difficult moments are transient, and brighter days are always ahead.”

Jose Campillo's motivation to keep going comes from his family and community. Jose shares, “My wife, Maria Lilian, has been an unwavering pillar of support. She understands the challenges that come with working in real estate, including the necessity of taking calls and working unconventional hours.” Jose adds, “While flipping my first property, Maria dedicated herself to painting, cleaning, and landscaping.” For Jose and Maria, family is at the heart of all they do. “Our kids are our motivation.” Jose and Maria have a 5-year-old son, Pablo, and a three-year-old daughter, Lillian.

Jose learned the value of hard work and family from his dad. “My dad was a doctor; he told me, ‘If you want to be successful, you need to work hard and always be ready to learn.’ He taught me to be a family man.” Jose moved from Hermosillo, Mexico, to live in Tucson and attend the University of Arizona. It’s not easy to build a new life in another country with a different language; however, he held onto the lessons he learned from his father. “While I was growing up, my father encouraged me to work for the things I wanted. I started bagging groceries at the supermarket when I was 10.” The experience helped develop Jose’s work ethic. It also taught him valuable lessons about managing money. After graduating from the Eller College of Business, he worked for a real estate development company that managed hotels and apartment complexes.

“I witnessed the success stories of individuals in the real estate industry. I realized real estate offered many opportunities for personal growth and advancement.” Inspired, Jose got his real estate license. “As I completed my first property flip and listed it, I began to receive inquiries from potential clients. It became evident that many lacked comprehensive knowledge about the home-buying process, especially in the Hispanic community. I realized that this was a golden opportunity not only to assist families but also to move closer to achieving my professional goals.” In each transaction, Jose worked hard to provide his clients with resources and guidance as well as encourage them. “So many within the community think they cannot buy a house. I tell my clients you can always achieve your dreams if you are willing to try!” Jose continues, “My primary objective is to nurture generational prosperity within the Hispanic/Latino community. I want to empower our community members to achieve their dreams of homeownership. As an immigrant myself, I understand the challenges, and I am committed to being a catalyst for positive transformation within our community.” Jose worked with his clients to educate them and help them find a path to homeownership. Word quickly spread, and Jose’s business grew as his quality service continued to earn referrals.

Ten years later, Jose has sold more than 1,100 properties and leads the Jose Campillo Group, which includes his two siblings, Humberto and Denisse. The team also includes Suzette Trevino, Janette Velasco, and Francisco Flores. “Each team member brings unique strengths and expertise to the table. It’s a great group of dedicated professionals committed to providing top-notch real estate services, adapting to the changing market, and exceeding our clients' expectations.”

When Jose’s not in the office, you might find him in the kitchen. “Outside of my professional life, I love experimenting in the kitchen and preparing meals for family and friends. It's a creative outlet that allows me to unwind and share delicious moments with my loved ones.” It’s another valuable skill he learned from his dad. “My dad loves to cook. As a child, I helped him in the kitchen. That’s where I discovered my passion for it.” In addition to cooking, Jose enjoys traveling, especially with his family. “We love exploring everything from sunny beaches to snowy mountains.” An avid fútbol fan, Jose has attended the World Cups in Brazil, Russia, and Qatar. Each one was a unique adventure, and he is grateful for the opportunity to explore other countries.  “You get one impression of these countries from media coverage; however, when you meet the people and experience the culture, it’s a different story. You quickly discover how much you have in common.”

Jose’s dad was his role model, and Jose hopes to be the same for his children as he passes on the lessons he learned—the importance of family, the value of hard work, and the responsibility to your community. “When I think about what I hope my children and family will take pride in and what I want my community to remember me for, it all comes down to one thing: service. I want my children to understand the significance and meaning behind my commitment to helping those around me. I believe that the community I serve has provided me with every opportunity to reach my current position, and I remain deeply grateful for that. As a result, it is my unwavering priority to give back and continue serving them.”