Beth Petersen Randall

“I got my license in 1997 in Tampa and then in 2002, I got licensed in Minnesota,” says REALTOR® Beth Petersen Randall, founder of The BPR Experience with eXp Realty. She has done exceptionally well in real estate with $26 million in sales last year along with a newer agent.

Beth was proud to have served on the Agent Leadership Council for Keller Williams for several years— not to mention ranking in the top 50 agents on social media with Property Sparks in 2021. “We have a full-time marketing director on the team helping build the brand,” explains Beth. All of her efforts are paying off; people notice her presence which translates into sales.

Life Before Real Estate
Prior to emerging on the real estate scene, Beth excelled in nursing and private home care which became a great fall-back career to return to during the Great Recession. Beth and her husband Mark built their dream home in 2014. During the process she realized how much she missed the business and decided to follow her heart back into real estate.

She still has connections in the home care arena to help clients age in place or find placement in assisted living, which has helped her in real estate. “Most agents don’t know how to guide their clients in transitioning to assisted living,” says Beth.

Why did Beth become a REALTOR®? “In addition to helping people, I love interior design. It’s my jam,” smiles Beth. “I flip houses on the side with my husband and my parents.” Having this creative outlet has been a fantastic addition to Beth’s business.

Beth has both an interior design degree as well as a sociology degree. She says, “They both come in handy every single day.”

In fact, Beth’s interior design background is an asset to her clients who often ask for design tips. Beth showcases weekly design tips on all her social platforms.

Overcoming Obstacles
“I want to be a cautionary tale for younger agents,” says Beth. “You have to prepare for down markets.” Beth admits that she did not weather the crash of 2007-2008 well. “I had to short sell my house and the rug was pulled out from underneath me.” She had to rebuild from the ground up and even though it was tough, she says she is thankful for the struggle that developed her grit.

Now she uses her story as an inspiration for others, helping agents avoid the mistakes she made to pave the way for a solid financial future.

“It’s so freeing to share my story,” she says. “I don’t just want to share success.” Sharing the challenges in her past has given her renewed appreciation for the present. Beth believes others appreciate it, too. “It hasn’t been a walk in the park,” she admits.

Starting a Team + Launching a Podcast
“During the pandemic, I started my team The BPR Experience, then launched a podcast called ‘Girl, Get Your Face Off a Bus Bench’ that I co-host with Kristi Clinton, our Marketing and Creative Director,” says Beth. “The last two years we have been in solid growth mode, building out systems for a rock solid foundation.” She also stresses the importance of having a good culture. “I want people to be on The BPR Experience because they love being here. It’s a beautiful collaboration and everyone wins.”

Beth attributes much of her success in business to coaching. She says, “I’ve been in Tom Ferry coaching for the last six years. I think how different my career path could have been had I hired a coach earlier in my career.”

However, she enjoys being a work in progress. One of her favorite quotes is simple: “If you had it all figured out, there would be nothing to learn tomorrow.” Life is all about learning.

Living Abroad
Originally from the Twin Cities, Beth has lived abroad three times— Cancun, Romania, and Puerto Rico— but always finds herself returning to her roots in Minnesota.

“My aunt lived in Romania and offered me an open-ended plane ticket to come live with her after college. She said, ‘Stay for a week or the rest of your life, you decide.’” explains Beth. She ended up living there for all of 1995, which completely changed her life. Beth goes on to say, “I don’t even know if my aunt fully understands how much she opened my eyes to what a bigger life could look like.” Meeting people from all over the world, working for an international company and traveling throughout Europe helped form who she is today.

“I love seeing the world through a different set of lenses when traveling the globe and experiencing new cultures that are unfamiliar to me. It’s truly something that fills my cup.”

Family First
When Beth isn’t working, it’s all about her family. Beth and her husband Mark built a multi-generational home where Mark’s parents live with them part of the year.

Beth is obsessed with her Ragdoll cat, Birch Blu and shamelessly posts her on social media regularly.

Pastimes include home decor, cooking, reading, and going to the gym. Beth and Mark are travel junkies and love international travel the most. This year they checked African Safari and Ireland off their bucket list. Next up is the Maldives.

Final Thoughts
In reflecting upon who she is, Beth comments, “I fight for what’s important. I’ve learned to stand up for myself and strive to live life by design— not by default.”

From nursing to real estate, Beth is most fulfilled when helping others. She has created an online presence on social media, translating into sales for this dedicated and driven REALTOR®.