Ways to Benefit From the Twin Cities Real Producers Platform

We design, print and distribute a monthly social publication for the top performers in the local real estate community. The articles in the publication are all about what is relevant to top performers. We share stories about top producers on what their routines are, what motivates them and how they got to the level they are at. We have articles that feature agents at different levels, leaders in the industry, popular and reliable partners, upcoming developments, luxury listings, investment properties, incredible admin staff, inspirational nonprofit activities and events.

Remember, all of our stories are procured through YOUR nominations, and there is NO COST to participate! We publish these stories for your benefit and enjoyment. To nominate an agent or vendor to be featured in our platform in 2023, go to our nomination link:
https://form.jotform.com/220524856451051 (the link is also listed on our Instagram bio).

We have a series of events planned for you in 2023. We won't reveal ALL of them, as sometimes plans change; however, we have quite a bit in store!

Mastermind Panels  We have an educational series of events that will feature some of the real estate experts in our market. The panels will be your way to access not just who is doing it but what they are doing.

Team Building Tours  Last year, we had the opportunity to host several team-building tours. We assemble a group of 30 to 50 agents and preferred partners, and we go out for a night on the town — holiday tours, brewery tours, winery tours, nonprofit impact tours and more. TCRP picks up the tab on the bus, but we do ask that you contribute toward gratuity for the driver. If you are interested in learning more or joining us on one of these tours, please contact us at tc@realproducersmag.com.

REALTOR® Socials  Quarterly we host what we call a REALTOR® social. These events typically include 150-plus people at a location that is fun, interactive and has upbeat energy. The purpose of the socials is to give everyone an opportunity to meet, get to know each other and stay connected. Stay tuned for specific details about REALTOR® socials; they are always a blast!

In addition to having a print presence, we are active on Facebook and Instagram! Don't forget to like us and follow us at @TwinCitiesRealProducers! We post snippets of some of our articles there, promote upcoming events in and for the real estate community and showcase our preferred partners — all who have been vetted, do great work, bring you solutions to help you sell homes faster and at a better price, and they have all been referred to us by real estate agents in the top 500!