Jessica Kinzle

One For All

We’re better together. We can get more done—and better—when we combine the best of what we have to offer for the common good.
That’s something that JPAR Leading Edge REALTOR® Jessica Kinzle represents through her work … a spirit of teamwork and cooperation that helps everyone get further ahead.
“I am extremely passionate about bringing REALTORS®, lenders, and vendors together to learn from
one another, to build relationships with one another, to bring our real estate community
together and show that we can work collaboratively to give our clients the best experience
possible,” Jessica says.
“I have always lived with the ‘it takes a village’ mentality. There are several moving parts in a real estate transaction and is so important that everyone associated with the transaction has a respect and care for one another, as well as for our clients. If the agent on the other side of a transaction is struggling, I want to know what I can do to help them, help take stress off them, help them to coordinate bids/estimates or order home warranties, or simply be an encouraging person when they are feeling defeated. For me, we are all in this together, there is an abundance of business, and we all can be kind and still succeed in a big way.”
Making a Splash
Jessica was born and raised in Wichita, graduating from high school in 1998. Along the way, she pursued her passion for competitive swimming that started when she was 6 years old and extended through school.
She found that the initial influence for her to get into real estate came from family. In fact, her oldest brother, Austin Kinzle, has been in the industry for over 17 years and had encouraged her through time to give it a go.
As she remembers, “I was a Property Manager for several years prior to switching, which led to a smooth transition. I have always had a love for homes, I believe every home and every person you meet has a story to tell, and I am here to find out what that story is. I had managed several properties and felt I would enjoy selling them as well.”
Opening a New Door
Jessica earned her license in 2020 and then put it into use beginning in 2022.
Jessica’s love for the business has come quickly—paved by her desire to teach, lift and
guide others.
“It is my passion … to see others succeed, to help them realize their full potential and be their biggest cheerleader,” she says. “As of April 2023, Kinzle & CO REAL ESTATE was born, and I am so happy with the ladies who have chosen me to share a vision and share the same core values as I do.”
Signs of Success
The measures of success have come quickly for Jessica. She earned the President Club Award during her
first full year in the business. So far, Jessica’s career volume stands at around $4 million, including nearly $3 million in 2022.
As she thinks back, Jessica says that one of her favorites in the business to watch before she joined was Christi Madden with Keller Williams. Christi has served as a strong inspiration for Jessica in her own career.
“Everything about her, the way she operates, cares for her clients, goes above and beyond for others, and the special detail she puts into showing her appreciation summed up the type of REALTOR® I wanted to be for my own clients,” she says.
“I also owe much gratitude to Jordan Wuest with JPAR Leading Edge. I chose his brokerage because of the level of care he has for his realtors, and for the standards and expectations he holds for his entire team. Everything I envisioned for myself and for my future, he was doing, and I would have been silly to not jump on an opportunity to learn from someone who is living my vision and goals.”
A Wonderful Life
Jessica’s life is made much more fulfilling by her family, including her daughters—23-year-old, Jacie; and 17-year-old, Kylee.
In her free time, Jessica is drawn to activities that help her continue to learn and grow, including books, podcasts, YouTube videos and intriguing conversations with her friends about topics such as positivity and manifestation. Some of her favorite moments are spent around the water.
As she says, “The sound, the calmness, the smell, everything about it makes my soul peaceful.”
When it comes to giving back, Jessica takes part in “Wichita Women for Good,” a giving circle of women who donate a certain amount of money each quarter and then nominate and choose a nonprofit to receive donations for that quarter.
“I am also a big advocate for the Mayflower Clinic (free healthcare clinic, donate what you can), and my love for animals has my bleeding-heart giving often to the Kansas Humane Society,” she says.
“Other than that, I do enjoy volunteering my time when the opportunity presents itself to helping the homeless community.”
Strength and Resilience
Jessica’s strength in helping others has come from the resilience she has fostered in her own life.
“I have battled depression, overcome substance abuse, alcoholism, and raised my daughters
alone, all while trying to find my purpose and passion in life, it only took me 38 years, but I
believe better late than never. It is because of these struggles that I strongly believe in
always being kind to others, we never know what someone else is going through. I am also able
to connect with individuals on a much deeper level because I know how hard big decisions such
as home buying can be.”
Congratulations to Jessica Kinzle for the strong success she is already experiencing during her relatively young career in the business, and for the corresponding impact her efforts have for others.
“Empowering people, educating them, and advocating on their behalf brings me so much joy,” she says. “To know that my clients can rely on me to fight hard for them, to not allow them to be bullied in a transaction, and to do my best to get them from start to finish with as little bumps in the road as possible is what keeps me excited about what I do.”