Pam Hesse


When you are in the presence of a person who feels truly grateful for the opportunities they continue to have in life, you can tell.
They approach life with optimism and they look for the blessings they have received and for ways to return those blessings to others around them.
Pam Hesse is one of those who definitely fits that description.
As a REALTOR® with JP Weigand & Sons, Pam exemplifies gratitude.
“I love helping people. I feel my role as a real estate agent is to guide and support my clients through the entire transaction,” Pam says.
“I am an advocate for my clients and go to bat for them so they end up with a great result.”
Coming of Age
Pam came of age in Wichita. As she reached high school, she remembers that her family moved around quite a bit.
She lived in Hawaii and California and then came back to Wichita after graduating high school in Alta Loma, California. She attended Wichita State University, where she earned her Education degree. In between moves, she met Karl, the man who became her husband.
As Pam and Karl started their family, she became a stay-at-home mom, also working as a substitute teacher at their children’s school.
As Pam recalls, “We lived in College Hill and I kept up on every house in the neighborhood and often frequented open houses. When my youngest was 10 years old, my husband said, ‘Why don’t you go get your real estate license?’”
Right from the Start
From the beginning, Pam enjoyed real estate and how it felt to work in the field.
“It was wonderful and I ate it up. I wrote notes to everyone I knew and let them know I was in real estate,” Pam says.
“Their support helped launch my business the first few years. I completed two deals my first year and twelve deals by the end of my second year.”
Signs of Success
Pam earned her real estate license in 2010. Through the last 13 years, she has continued to move forward in the business through her dedicated brand of service. In fact, in 2022, Pam finished among the top 75 agents in Wichita.
Beyond all of the numbers and accolades, Pam is dedicated to supplying a sustained effort on behalf of others.
“I believe that if you put your head down and work, the money comes,” she says. “I treat everyone the same. It’s the same transaction for me no matter what the price point is.”
Pam is also very thankful for the environment where she works.
“JP Weigand & Sons has been in business since 1902. They are the largest independent real estate company in the Wichita metro area. They have sustained their business all these years and are in their third generation of leadership,” she says.
“I got into this business knowing Weigand was where I wanted to be. Of course, a big part of the credit goes to the management, including Nester Weigand; Chairman and Kevin Dreiling; President. They are true statesmen and fantastic leaders.”
Family Fulfillment
Family is at the heart of life for Pam, including her husband, Karl, and their son, Cole, his wife, Ashley and their two children — Pierce and Hudson; as well as their son, Max, in St. Louis, who is in his third year of family medicine residency; as well as their daughter, Jeannie, who is working in Kansas City.
“I love my family. They are my number one priority,” she says. “Karl has been very supportive and has never complained about my erratic schedule. Now I am an empty nester, and I can work as much as I want.”
One of Pam’s favorite things each week is “Grandma Day,” when she drives to Kansas City on Wednesday to spend time with her grandchildren.
She also looks forward to time spent with their Golden Retriever, Aspen; and their cat, Tigger. Pam also likes to go on walks, as well as read, bake and spend time with friends.
When it comes to giving back, Pam is a long-term supporter of Catholic Charities.
“I really enjoy being involved in my church, and I have helped many years in their Harbor House ministry which helps victims of domestic violence,” Pam says.
“I also like to help those who are struggling. I want to do whatever I can to help people to get out of that situation and into a home.”
The gratitude that Pam Hesse has for her work is matched by the level of thanks that comes back from those who are very grateful that she has been there for them.