5 Ways to Increase Your Success

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Austin Cheviron of Cheviron Coaching shared an informative and inspiring article in the June 2024 issue of Ft Wayne Real Producers. Read his article to discover 5 ways to increase your success.

I often engage with real estate agents who aspire for success. They often ask me, "How can we become successful?" So, I've decided to break down the five key components of my success for you.


This is where I focus every coaching opportunity I encounter. Many people seem to be doing the right things, but those actions often don’t lead them anywhere. When you take the time to reflect on what truly matters to you and why it's significant, it can drive every decision you make. Business becomes easier when you have clarity.


I believe there are three different mindsets you need to adopt. Firstly, an open mindset - nothing will limit you more than a closed mind. Be willing to explore possibilities. Secondly, a growth mindset - always ask the next question and seek to expand your current knowledge. Lastly, an abundance mindset - believing that you can have anything you desire without taking from others can profoundly change your life.


Having worked and trained with many high achievers, I can tell you they're not all alike. Just as there's a significant difference between someone who sells $1-2 million and someone who sells $10-15 million, there's also a disparity in the potential of a $10-15 million producer. My clients who average $30 million+ in annual sales typically share one common trait - they are 98% more consistent than everyone else. They consistently show up, on time, not just to achieve goals but because that's who they are. Have you ever encountered someone who displays this trait? I bet they're successful.


This is my favorite because it can amplify the process tenfold. While most of us search for answers and opportunities in the world, others gain an edge by simply being in the right environment. I spent my first 30 years not understanding this. One day, I decided to open my eyes, and the world looked different. The environments you immerse yourself in mean everything to your success! There's a price to pay for proximity, and it's worth it!


This is not only the biggest challenge in your business but also in your life. When I consider communication, I see it in two parts. Firstly, how you communicate with others. To excel, you must first understand your communication style and then become adept at recognizing others' styles. Remember, every conversation you have with someone else potentially builds rapport. Secondly, the timing of your communication matters. Nothing is worse than not responding promptly. Cultivate new habits in responding to people. I promise you, they'll notice!

I encourage you to rate yourself on a scale from 1-10 in these five areas. Write down the date and aim to improve each category this year. Schedule a 60-minute meeting with yourself in mid-December to assess your growth.

If you're interested in working on these five key elements of success, join us in Cheviron LiVE. This weekly training program is designed to help you win in both life and business. Visit chevironcoaching.com.

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