Home & Design: What's Trending in 2024

A stylish living room interior with brown and yellow coloured furniture and wooden elements with dark green coloured wall. Decorated with plants and butterfly specimen

With the arrival of 2024, there's a whole new wave of interior design trends waiting to shake up the scene. This year, we're seeing a shift towards a marriage of classic elements and bold statements that promise to breathe new life into living spaces everywhere.

Natural & Handmade MaterialsFirst on the list of trends for 2024 is the use of imperfect, natural, and handmade materials. Think marble countertops, Zellige tile backsplashes, unlacquered brass fixtures, and hand-hewn wooden beams. These elements add a sense of authenticity and warmth to interiors, creating spaces that feel both inviting and timeless. As a whole, the interior design industry is bringing back a deep connection with nature into the spaces being designed.

Plaster & Limestone Finishes

In addition to natural materials, plaster and limestone finishes are making a comeback, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to walls and ceilings. “Imperfection” is having a major moment.  These finishes bring texture and depth to interiors, creating a sense of warmth and luxury.

Vintage FurnitureWhen it comes to furnishings, vintage pieces are taking center stage over new, mass-produced items. Vintage finds add character and charm to interiors, giving spaces a unique and personalized touch that can't be replicated with store-bought furniture.

Dark Woods

Dark wood tones are also making a statement in 2024, bringing back richness and depth to our interiors. Whether it's a dark walnut dining table or a mahogany accent chair, these darker tones add warmth and sophistication to any room.

Formal Living SpacesFormal living spaces are regaining popularity this year, offering a dedicated area for entertaining guests in style. Defined by elegant furnishings and sophisticated decor, formal living rooms create a sense of refinement and luxury that's perfect for hosting gatherings and special occasions.

Bold & Moody ColorsBut it's not just about the materials and furnishings - color also plays a crucial role in shaping the look and feel of interiors. In 2024, bold and moody colors are stealing the spotlight, adding drama and personality to every room. From deep blues to rich greens, these hues create a sense of depth and richness that's perfect for creating cozy, inviting spaces. Brown emerges as the "it" color, bringing warmth and richness to interiors like never before. Grey is gone and not coming back any time soon.

In terms of what's out for 2024, manmade materials are taking a backseat in favor of natural options. Quartz and porcelain countertops are being replaced by materials with more character such as natural marble, quartzites, and soapstone. Deep veining is also a huge trend we are seeing currently.  Oversized open concept layouts are giving way to defined spaces that offer a sense of intimacy and coziness.

Fast furniture and mass-produced items are also falling out of favor, as homeowners seek out pieces with history and character. Boho, sleek minimalism, and industrial design are being replaced by more curated and personalized approaches to design, while barn doors and all-white color palettes are being swapped out for sleeker alternatives.
In summary, we are seeing a massive shift away from mass produced materials to natural and imperfect ones that act as art.


Erica Davis is the Founder + Principal Designer, Eralyn Interiors. Her article originally appeared in the May 2024 issue of Palm Beaches Real Producers.