Pay-to-Play Has No Place in Real Producers

Top agent holding her feature story

When gearing up to launch Real Producers in a market where RP isn’t yet a household name, publishers are often asked the same question by the agents who are tapped to be featured in the magazine: How much will this cost me?

It’s a fair question. After all, we’re providing them a way to share their story with (and claim the spotlight in front of) their market’s top 1% of real estate agents, as well as the area’s best industry vendors. An opportunity of this kind must come at a price, right?

Not at Real Producers. Being featured as a top agent is earned, not purchased.

We spotlight established agents and rising stars in the industry who are highly respected by their peers. We seek to highlight those who have a unique story to tell and a point of view others can learn from.

Real Producers cover imageCover of a Real Producers magazineReal Producers magazine cover

If the agents who receive the magazine aren’t paying to subscribe, and the featured realtors themselves aren’t paying to be involved, who is paying for it? We have our advertisers, also known as our preferred partners, to thank for this. It’s the support of these amazing local vendors that make Real Producers possible.

The support of our advertising industry affiliates not only allows us to keep the magazine free to readers and free to agents who are featured, but helps cover the costs of putting on the exclusive events Real Producers has become so well known for.

Real Producers event at an upscale homeReal Producers black tie event

Could we choose to charge a fee for top real estate agents to be featured in the magazine? Realistically, yes. (It is, after all, a powerful testament to an agent’s prowess and success in the field that they can show off to current and future clients.) But ethically, we want the titans of real estate who grace the cover and pages of Real Producers to be there for one reason and one reason only: Their dedication to excellence in their field.

Are you a top-producing agent looking to share your story in Real Producers (or know an agent who deserves this recognition)? Find your local Real Producers page and send a message to the publisher through the Get in Touch button.