Who Benefits from a Real Producers Magazine?

Real estate agents showing off their magazine feature

There are three main groups that stand to benefit most from Real Producers: the real estate agents featured, the partners that advertise, and the publishers who manage the franchise.

Real Producers is more than a magazine – it’s a movement that began in 2015 and has expanded to more than 100 markets. Why the rapid success? It’s a connection-building tool unlike anything else on offer in real estate.

Real Producers is the way to connect with your market’s most elite real estate agents.

There are three main groups of people that stand to benefit most from the Real Producers platform: the real estate agents featured, the partners that advertise, and the publishers who manage the franchise on the local level.

What’s in it for the agent?

As an agent, you don’t receive Real Producers magazine in your mailbox unless you truly are the best of the best – our limited distribution is exclusive to the market’s top 300-500 real estate professionals. In other words, it’s a source of pride to receive the magazine. Beyond receiving copies every month, there are even more perks to being featured in the magazine. This level of attention places the chosen agents in an entirely new realm of esteem among their fellow top producers. Agent stories we share have a way of humanizing local legends in real estate, positioning them as people other top agents and industry partners become eager to work with.

“The more you network, the easier the transactions become, and the more deals come your way.”
Robbin Barnes | Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Kee Realty

“I’ve met several people that I never knew. I think it’s always good to have those relationships because we’re going to end up doing business together and that relationship is key to making a deal move forward smoothly.” 
Tom Marchant | Marchant Real Estate

“When I got the first issue I was super excited. It had lots of different articles in it about different agents around here that I hadn’t had the chance to meet. It was nice to see past the transaction, peek a little bit into that person’s life, and get to know them on a different level.”
Quantella Simmons-Kinard | Keller Williams Western Upstate

“It helps people network. It helps put a face to the name. It helps me feel comfortable if I need to refer some business up here. Or if they’re looking to refer some business [in my area], they might call me for it.”
Greg Coutu | Allen Tate Realtors

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What’s in it for our preferred partners?

How do local vendors connect with influential, top-producing agents in our market? How do they cultivate lucrative relationships with this group? The struggle is real. Through RP, our partners get constant exposure from the monthly magazine and our well-attended quarterly events. The hard work is done – partners simply need to show up!

“If someone is looking to partner with Real Producers, I definitely think it’s worth it. Where else are you going to be in contact with the top 300 realtors in the area?”
Mary Reed | Alliance Title of Michigan

“[Real Producers] gives us an opportunity to meet others who are in our industry, network with them, understand that we share the same challenges, and understand what’s going on in the business today.”
Alana Hopkins | AnnieMac Home Mortgage

“It’s a way to get people who are at the top of their game together, to get to know each other on a personal level.” 
Mimi Edwards | Wagner Wealth Management

“Real Producers is a group of realtors who are incredibly successful and good at what they do. And we want to partner with them and what they’re doing [to] serve them better.” 
Tyler Jarratt | Owner’s Choice Construction

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What’s in it for the publisher?

Our publishers (aka Area Directors or franchise owners) have the unique ability to connect with a highly successful group of people who are otherwise pretty difficult to get in front of. Real Producers publishers are entrusted with featuring top agents, selecting and engaging our partners, and producing quality content on a monthly basis. They not only have the influence to create real change and community in the local real estate industry but enjoy flexibility and financial freedom as part of their franchise ownership experience. The role is reserved for those who have a real passion for real estate and building relationships.

“It’s really special to be in [a] place where I feel like I can lead and impact people in a positive way versus just being another salesperson.”
Jon Good | Ft. Wayne Real Producers

“I literally have the best real estate gig in Wichita, and I wouldn’t change that. It’s been life-changing.”
Samantha Lucciarini | Wichita Real Producers

“RP has been the greatest thing that has happened to me in my professional life and I am so incredibly grateful to be blessed with this opportunity.”
Jordan Espeseth | North Dallas Real Producers, Dallas Real Producers, North Fort Worth Real Producers, Fort Worth Real Producers

“I feel like I’m made to do this. I love that my dream aligns with the way Real Producers is run. I barely see it as work – it’s challenging but so fulfilling to help businesses and connect professionals.”
Kristin Brindley | DC Metro Real Producers, NOVA Real Producers, Charlotte Real Producers, South Jersey Real Producers, Capital Region Real Producers, Long Island Real Producers, Richmond Real Producers

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