Why Relationships of Influence Are the ROI Your Business Needs

Group of real estate agents at an RP event

A critical aspect of marketing success – and one that is especially important to those in the real estate industry – is the power of relationships. That's why the true ROI of Real Producers is "Relationships of Influence."

ROI has long been the gold standard for measuring success. Return on Investment, as you likely know it, quantifies the effectiveness of marketing efforts in terms of financial gains compared to total spend. While these metrics help assess the immediate impact of lead generation campaigns, they often overlook a critical aspect of marketing success – and one that is especially important to those in the real estate industry – the power of relationships.

So what if we reframe our understanding of ROI to better reflect the impact getting to know industry movers and shakers has on your business? At Real Producers, we shift the focus from monetary returns alone to something more profound and ultimately more lucrative: Relationships of Influence.

The Case for Relationships of Influence

Real estate is and always will be a relationship business. That’s why the Real Producers program is uniquely beneficial to the industry’s top agents, those who are working to become a top agent, and the various vendors whom these high-performing professionals choose to partner with.

Real Producers prioritizes building authentic relationships over mere transactions.

"Relationships of Influence" is a paradigm that emphasizes nurturing new connections, fostering trust among those you work with, and cultivating brand ambassadors. Real Producers creates spaces – both on the pages and in real life through exclusive events – to introduce the market’s best in real estate. As a top agent, you get to share your story and strengthen your reputation among colleagues. As a rising star in the industry, you get to learn from and about the best of the best agents and industry partners. And for those local businesses that support any part of the real estate journey or look to attract customers of affluence (like top agents), Real Producers is exactly the community you seek.

Unlike traditional ROI, which measures success solely in financial terms, Relationships of Influence acknowledge the intangible yet invaluable assets that come from genuine human interactions. After all, we prefer to work with people we actually like.

What it Means to Prioritize Relationships of Influence

  1. Take advantage of any opportunity to engage authentically.

Take what you learn from the stories within Real Producers and use them as a catalyst for conversation with people you wish to work with. Attend events and seek to make a handful of really strong connections (versus trying to shake the hand of every person in attendance).

  1. Understand that this form of ROI requires longer-term thinking.

Relationships of Influence are built over time and require patience and consistency. Instead of focusing solely on short-term gains, adopt a long-term mindset that prioritizes nurturing connections and adding value to the industry professionals you meet.

By shifting our perspective from Return on Investment to Relationships of Influence, agents and vendors can unlock new avenues for growth, loyalty, and reputation. In today's competitive real estate landscape, the true currency of marketing is no longer just dollars and cents – it's the strength of personal relationships we build that hold the power to shape our success.