Using Social Media to Build Your Brand

The nature of social media is connectivity -- a practice real estate agents know well.

But are you building your real estate brand effectively using social media channels?

Today, we've linked several carefully-curated articles that feature agents as well as marketing experts so you can come away with  top tips and tricks.


  • Which Channel(s) should I choose?

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the growing number of social account options, but each top channel has its own pros and cons. These should be considered when you outline your marketing goals. This article provides helpful summaries on the good and bad of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

  • Post Consistently

The worst thing you can do is create an account, only to post sporadically or abandon it completely. While over-posting can drive away your audience, a quality piece of content pushed out at least once a week is a great and manageable start.

This article from Forbes gives tips on what works for audiences both large and small. We also advise this one for those who are fairly new or uncertain about posting or about social media as a whole.

  • Develop a Blog

We love this article sharing five helpful real estate blogging tips. Using your clients’ pain points to develop content ideas is a great way to get started -- and implementing a newsletter feature can help your clients stay connected.

  • How to Post Listings

This advice from Zillow is a gold-mine: but the 80/20 rule is the most important. 80% of your content should be engaging, conversational or fun, and no more than 20% should focuse on listings or self-promotion.


While the idea of social media may seem daunting or feel like a huge undertaking, it can easily be scaled back to two hours a week spent creating and posting content. Adding social media to your marketing plan can increase loyalty, customer engagement, relationship-building, and so much more.

Happy Posting!


Article by the Real Producers Team

Grace Sanderson