How to Make Crazy Pet-Buyers Happy

Pet owners are a special breed of buyer: they want an open concept floor-plan, granite counter-tops, high ceilings, along with a home that accommodates their best friend, Sparky. When getting to know your client, make sure to factor in their pet’s needs as the home search begins.

Topics to consider when selling to pet-owners:

  • City / town ordinances: Understand the rules and regulations for certain homeowners or condo associations, and whether there are any upcoming changes.
  • Local pet amenities: Scout out to see if any dog parks, veterinarians, dog washing stations, grooming salons, dog-friendly businesses, etc. are in the vicinity before showing a home.
  • Yards and fences: Pet owners, specifically dog owners, are looking for a beautiful and secure place for their loved ones to run around. A well-maintained fence and yard is a great way to appeal to pet-owners.
  • Place of work: If possible, try and show homes within a close distance to the owners workplace. The ability to let their pet out during lunch is a huge benefit.
  • Non-carpet flooring: Hardwood, laminate, tile, or concrete are all great flooring options for pet-owners to keep hair and odor at bay.
  • Good areas to walk: Neighborhoods with scenic streets, sidewalks, bike lanes, and parks are a major plus for dog owners. Make sure to mention different walk routes with their furry friends.

Showing your pet-loving clients homes that cater to their furry friends ranked third in importance according to this survey (behind equity and more living space). Offering safe and enjoyable home options for your pet-loving clients can be a big win.

So start reading up on city ordinances and look around the neighborhood for scenic walk routes. Dogs don’t officially rule the world, but it’s clear they have quite the influence in real estate!


Article by the Real Producers Team

Grace Sanderson