Meet Ian Steinmo

As numerous readers of this article are already aware, Boulder County consistently ranks
among the top places to live in the United States due to its high quality of life. With a blend of
outdoor recreational opportunities, a vibrant cultural scene, excellent educational institutions,
and a strong sense of community, it’s no surprise that people from other areas of the United
States flock to this area to call it home. It’s not very common to find native residents in Boulder
County given its increasing popularity and growth in recent years. 

Ian Steinmo, an agent with House Einstein, is one of these rare residents and has spent most of his life here. Being a native of the area, Ian has deep knowledge and understanding of the community. Furthermore, he has witnessed firsthand the changes and developments that have taken place in Boulder County over the years and can provide insights into the area's history, culture, lifestyle, and local real estate market. He says, “I came to Boulder when I was three years old and grew up in Table Mesa, South Boulder. My father taught at Colorado University for thirty years, which initially brought us here, and we stayed throughout my childhood. My folks, like so many others, were drawn to the lifestyle and local education system, thus they stayed, and I was fortunate enough to grow up in this wonderful place.”

After graduating from college, Ian spent a period of seven years living in Shanghai and
Singapore. During this time, his professional focus revolved around introducing unconventional
sports brands to the Asian markets. He started out traveling around China carrying a duffel bag
filled with samples of American sports equipment that are commonly seen on the trails of
Boulder but have yet to establish a strong presence in Asia. As time went on, his pursuit
evolved, and he eventually assumed responsibility for the sales, marketing, and distribution of
CamelBak Products in Asia/Oceania and South and Central America. 

After seven years, Ian returned to the United States and lived in the Bay Area, the headquarters for CamelBak. In 2017, he made his way back to Boulder to work remotely; however, he frequently was sent to Sao Paolo, Tokyo, or Sydney every few weeks. This experience allowed him to gain a wealth of knowledge. After nearly a decade of this lifestyle, he made the decision to transition to local work, aspiring to make a direct impact on the lives of individuals rather than focusing on publicly traded companies. Ian states, “I wanted to contribute to my community and feel a different sense of purpose in my efforts.”

The shift into the real estate industry happened quite smoothly for Ian. While buying his own
home in South Boulder, he worked with Osman Parvez and Sophie Kloor of House Einstein, a
small investment-focused real estate firm. They developed a friendship throughout the home-
buying process, and it led Ian to obtain his real estate license and join their team. “Working as
part of this brokerage, we share a strong sense of camaraderie and genuinely find joy in
working diligently together for our clients. We are like a happy little family,” states Ian. In addition to Osman, Sophie, and Ian, the team of four is completed by Hamish Crabb-Loest, their transaction coordinator.

During his college years, Ian's area of focus was economics and politics. This educational
background has consistently proven valuable in providing added value to clients, and the realm
of real estate is no exception. Ian really enjoys gaining a profound comprehension of markets
and utilizing this analysis to cultivate expertise. He works closely with clients and strives to
provide guidance and advocacy throughout the complex process of buying or selling a property.
Ian and the House Einstein team are currently building a comprehensive YouTube channel
covering various aspects of real estate. The channel aims to provide valuable insights on topics
such as the home buying and selling process, current market conditions, neighborhood guides,
and more. Ian's enthusiasm goes beyond assisting clients; he has great fun producing videos
that seek to provide valuable information to potential buyers and sellers. He says, “My favorite
or ideal client is one who is excited to learn and hopefully with these videos we are
accomplishing that.” Take a look here at:

Having grown up in Boulder, Ian has developed a strong passion for mountain biking and
treasures the great outdoors. One aspect that holds great significance for him is the
opportunity to give back to this amazing community. Engaging in trail work with the Boulder
Mountainbike Alliance is something he deeply values and actively participates in. Ian states,
“Boulder Mountainbike Alliance is an excellent local 501 (c)(3) that advocates for outdoor
access/preservation and stewards many of the fine multi-use trails in the Boulder area. Trails
are easily eroded and are often expanded and braided in ways that adversely affect the local
ecosystem; they require constant maintenance, which is really hard work. BMA runs weekly
groups of trail crews to help keep Boulder Open Space trails in working order. I join for as many
of these as possible. Anyone can join, no trail-building experience is necessary, and BMA is a fun and welcoming group. It is also so rewarding to run, hike or bike over a bridge feature that you helped create. A lot goes into trail work and we’re lucky to live in a place that supports outdoor access and preservation.” Visit their website at

When Ian isn’t working, he and his partner are frequently found outdoors backpacking,
mountain biking, and even camping in the high country earlier than they probably should. Given
Ian's extensive experience traveling for work prior to becoming a Realtor, it comes as no
surprise that his adventurous spirit continues. Ian describes his favorite destination: “Indonesia
is probably the coolest place I’ve traveled to. The nation is an archipelago consisting of 18,000
unique islands, the topography, and biodiversity are mind-boggling. On top of that, there are 275
million people who speak nearly a thousand distinctive languages. In between jobs I once spent
five weeks hiking up volcanoes, diving WWII shipwrecks, and making my way through jungles
there, and really felt like I didn’t even scratch the surface in terms of seeing the country. It is so
expansive, diverse, and disconnected that Indonesia feels otherworldly.”

Dedicated to his team at House Einstein, his community, and the environment, Ian Steinmo is
living a life of fulfillment. His unwavering commitment to his colleagues is evident in the
camaraderie they share and their collective efforts to serve clients. Ian's love for his
community is felt as he works to provide valuable insights and guidance to those seeking to call Boulder County home. Additionally, his passion for environmental stewardship shines through his volunteer work with the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance, where he contributes to the
preservation and maintenance of trails, ensuring a sustainable and enjoyable outdoor
experience for all. With his multifaceted dedication, Ian continues to make a positive impact in
the real estate industry and the local community he holds dear.