April Jones Insurance: Empowering Lives and Protecting Dreams

From Single Mom to Entrepreneur: A Journey of Determination and Success

In a world where financial security is paramount, insurance plays a crucial role in protecting individuals and their assets. April Jones, the owner of April Jones Insurance, has taken on the challenge of honoring the industry through her unwavering dedication and commitment to her clients. With a strong belief in the power of insurance, April embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that has led her to create a thriving and customer-centric agency.
“I oversee day-to-day operations to ensure compliance, growth, and alignment with our core values and mission,” explains April. She has been in the insurance industry since 2010 and decided to start her own company in 2017.
From Single Mom to Thriving Entrepreneur
As a single mom, April wasn’t comfortable swinging the highs and lows of standard sales careers. Joining the insurance industry gave her a safe financial future. “I loved the consistency of solid growth that insurance provided. I grew up in a feast or famine household and I didn’t want to relive that. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I was up for the challenge and focused on the long play. It wasn’t a sprint for me - I had a lot to juggle early on but I kept at it slowly growing.”
Around the 7-year mark, she knew she was at a crossroads. “I no longer felt ‘at home’ at my old company and felt I was at a ceiling. I knew if I could control my processes and pivot when I needed to without the red tape I could excel.” She planned her exit from the corporate world and started a 100% agency from scratch that same year.
April credits her current husband (whom she was just dating at the time) that nudged her to start her own agency. She says, “I had been told by numerous people that it couldn’t be done, you’ll never get direct appointments, blah blah.” Struggling with self-limiting beliefs, her husband questioned, “Why not?”. “That was my turning point and I started looking at options,” she says. April took the leap of faith. “Fear is funny,” she reflects. “It can paralyze you but once you jump, you have no choice but to figure out how to land. Thank God I landed and didn’t break any legs,” she smiles. “It’s been smooth sailing for the most part.”
Building a Stronger Future Through Collaboration and Mentorship
April's success can be attributed to her openness to collaboration and mentorship. By connecting with other insurance agency owners across the nation, she gained valuable insights, shared pain points, and learned from their experiences. This collaborative network provided her with a wealth of knowledge and allowed her to navigate the industry more efficiently. Through mentorship, April was able to cut down on the learning curve and propel her growth, ultimately shaping the success of April Jones Insurance.
A Client-Centric Approach and Commitment to Excellence
What sets April Jones Insurance apart from other agencies is its unwavering commitment to exceptional service. The agency recognizes that its clients are often referred by trusted partners, and it strives to make the insurance process as seamless and stress-free as possible. April and her team prioritize the needs of their clients, ensuring that they feel supported and well taken care of throughout their insurance journey. The agency's primary goal is to provide consistent service and exceed expectations, maintaining the trust placed in them by their referral partners.
April goes the extra mile for clients, trying her best to juggle premium needs vs. coverage needs. When one of their carriers changed their guidelines abruptly and no longer covered water claims for certain plumbing types, April knew she owed it to her customers to have this difficult conversation with them. She says, “We reached out to them one by one and, in many cases, rewrote the policies. Certainly, not every agency did this. I can sleep at night knowing we tried.”
“My guiding principle has always been the Golden Rule,” adds April. She always thinks of how she would feel on the receiving end. With her heart for others, she treats her staff the way she wishes she had been treated in previous agencies. “It’s all based on empathy and ethics.”

April has a heart of gratitude for her team.  With Operations Manager Marina Miele, Account Managers Brittany Pierce and Robyn Thomas on the service team, and Associate Agents David Batson and Sam Shields on the sales team, clients are in the right hands. 
Celebrating Milestones and Looking Towards the Future
For April, the most rewarding aspect of her business has been witnessing the significant organic growth she has achieved. Building the agency from the ground up and surpassing her initial targets has been a source of immense pride. As she continues to evolve professionally, April's goals have shifted to empowering her team and providing them with growth opportunities. She envisions finding a permanent office location in Wilmington, expanding her reach, and making a lasting impact on the community.
Focused on Family
When April isn’t working, she enjoys time with her husband and their two children, Abby (20) and Bobby (17). “Both are still figuring out their paths in life but I see an entrepreneurial spirit in both of them,” she reflects. Her husband just retired from Delta Airlines and is managing his rentals, which keeps him busy.
To relax, everyone enjoys traveling and seeing new sights. This summer, she and the kids are going to Iceland and experiencing everything it has to offer. April and her family are foodies and enjoy finding great eats.
A giver by nature, April supports the American Heart Ball each year. She adds, “I have participated in Women’s Build, A Safe Place, among many others.”
Concluding Comments
April Jones Insurance stands as a testimony to the power of determination, collaboration, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. April's journey from single motherhood to successful entrepreneur is an inspiration. With her customer-centric approach and dedication to excellence, April Jones is transforming the insurance landscape one policy at a time, protecting dreams and empowering individuals to embrace a more secure future.

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