Boundless Moving

Personal Service Without Limits

While the process of selling or buying a house can be tough, moving into it can bring plenty of stress as well. Having to pack and move out of a house, apartment, or even a business is an often daunting task. Boundless Moving aims to help guide people through the process, providing support and peace of mind to their clients. By maintaining communication, customizing the process for each client, and following through, they have built strong relationships and a great book of referrals and repeat business. 

Matt founded Boundless Moving and Storage in 2015 after seeing the opportunity in a growing city. After talking with a friend in the industry from Texas, he left his career with non-profits and started out on his own. While the early days are always tricky to navigate, he quickly built a team of movers and started getting the word out. As his business and reputation grew, he earned the trust of his clients and partners in the area. Now eight years later, he is expanding his business into Charlotte, North Carolina and seeing his efforts continue to pay off. 

Boundless Moving’s motto is ‘Personal Service Without Limits’. A big part of their model is to provide that personalized touch for each client according to their needs. “We really try to listen to what they need,” he says. “Tell us what you need and how involved you want to be”. By learning exactly how their clients want to handle their move they can provide exceptional service. Figuring out what their client wants to be in charge of and what they want to be handled for them is a big part of the collaborative process. They do a walk-through with each client to ensure they understand what they are moving and how to best move it. 

Keeping in communication with their clients ensures everything goes smoothly. While they do walkthroughs before and after each move, they also make plans with clients to ensure everything goes exactly where it needs to. For Boundless Moving, their goal is to get the client's new location as close to perfect as possible, cutting down on the work they have to do to sleep in their new house. They communicate with precise times for pick-up and drop-off, whether it's a local or national move. Keeping clients in the loop provides them the peace of mind that is often hard to come by during the moving process. 

Another tenet of the Boundless Moving business model is taking care of their own employees. Much like their clients, employees are in communication about what they need. Boundless Moving works to provide them the opportunity to pursue the lifestyle they want and help them with their individual goals. Many of their employees have grown with the company and have remained loyal during a tough time in the industry. From pay to time off, Matt wants to make sure his team is taken care of so that they can take care of clients. 

As the owner of the company, Matt has plenty on his plate. Most of his free time is spent with family in Cleveland enjoying the outdoors. With his wife Heather and two children, Nile and Cora, they love to fish, camp, hike, and experience nature to the fullest. He is also an avid runner, which helps him stay in shape and enjoy life. He even ran as part of a relay with several others after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing to raise money for charities. The relay started in 2014 in Cleveland, TN and ended in Boston with several runners in the marathon itself. They raised $75,000. His heart for people and community extends into other areas as well.

Matt used to work with Habitat for Humanity for almost 15 years. During his time, he built homes in Cambodia and Thailand, as well as helping locally in many ways. Even though he has moved on from Habitat, he still stays involved in organizations including FCA, local United Ways, Casa, and hosts a company Christmas drive each year. Always looking out for others is a big part of why Matt does what he does. The moving business allows him to love people through great service in a tough event to navigate alone. 

Ultimately, Matt is a servant of others. From his family to his business, clients, partners, and employees, he strives to provide the best possible life he can. He is serious about building great relationships and being honest in all facets of his business. “Being a part of something you can be proud of” is a major drive for his work ethic and success. “You want to live and work with people who support, love, and trust you,” he says, and he works to achieve this in every way he can. Matt embraces the opportunity to have a positive impact in each and every client’s life, and they trajectory of his business proves he does it well. Only eight years into the business, Boundless Moving is already building an exceptional legacy.